Teldat H2-Rail & Mobility Software: complete onboard Wi-Fi solution for passengers travelling on shortdistance trains in Germany

The solution was comprised of different software tools and devices specifically designed for railway environments. With the introduction of these products, the customer can provide Wi-Fi on their trains and offer a premium quality service to their passengers.





  • To find a complete, quality communications solution to offer a Wi-Fi service on their trains. The solution should include other features and should be secure, realiable and quality service to their customers.


  • H2-Rail & APR222ac: communications platform with LTE and Wi-Fi, plus an indoor access point specially designed for such environments. And other Mobility Software solutions (CNM Mobility, Teldat HotSpot by WiFiG and Teldat Webfilter)

    Why Teldat

  • The continued technical-sales relationship built on other common projects, such as the Helsinki and New Zealand project. The quality of Teldat's devices and tools and the fact that they are suitable for use in the railway sector.

Client Summary

The customer is a Spanish company that has been producing railway equipment and trains for theworld’s leading tram, metro, tyre metro, commuter, long-haul and high-speed networks for decades. It has carried out 159 projects in total, making it the world’s sixth manufacturer.


 The project started when the customer got a contract to supply new articulated units to Zweckverband Schönbuchbahn (ZVS). This supply included the delivery and full maintenance of 9 units.

Each unit has an electric traction vehicle made up of three coaches and can transport up to 212 people. The units were for the railway lines connecting the cities of Böblingen, Holzgerlingen and Dettenhausen. The project was the customer’s second project in Germany, having already supplied trams to the city of Fribourg.

For the communications on the trains, the customer was seeking a solution that would provide the trains with a wireless connection and allow them to offer their passengers an onboard Wi-Fi service.

The customer was also interested in finding a provider that would be able to offer additional features to complement the solution, making it as complete as possible.



Solution Value

The solution brought by Teldat was to:

  • Equip each train with the Teldat H2-Rail router, a multiservice communications platform for railway environments which provides reliable 4G/LTE communications and broadband over Wi-Fi.
  • Equip each coach with the Teldat APR-222ac device, an access point specifically designed to provide Wi-Fi connectivity on board trains and expressly designed according to the strict railway regulations (including EN 50155). Its two radio modules provide simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi connections, permitting latest generation devices to be connected to the less collapsed 5 GHz bandwhile leaving the 2.4 GHz band for devices with lower capabilities. It supports a range of advanced Wi-Fi features, such as SSID,various access levels, logical separation and prioritization systems.

Moreover, both were integrated into cloud management platforms and HotSpot services. The following additional features were included:

  • Teldat CNM: a tool for globally managing all Teldat devices from a central location. It provides an easy, efficient way to automate network deployment and notify about incidents or problems with Teldat devices.
  • CNM Mobility: added to the Teldat CNM software platform, this feature is used to monitor signal quality along routes and create usage alarms.
  • Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo: a flexible tool that gives the customer a quick, easy-to-use and secure Wi-Fi. The solution can also be customized in several different aspects including, among others, homepage design, type of access method (e.g., via social networks, with or without login credentials, self-registration validated by SMS or email, etc.) or web page redirects.
  • Teldat Webfilter: this tool provides protection and security for the customer while their users surf the Web. It works by adjusting Internet filtering policies through black and white lists that either authorize or block access to web pages. This way the customer can stop users from viewing inappropriate content (e.g., pornography, illegal downloads, etc.) and restrict access to high data usage websites.

What results are expected?

Once the project is implemented, the software tools and devices provided by Teldat will allow the customer to:

  • Provide a Wi-Fi connection on board their trains and thereby deliver a superior quality service to their customers.
  • Provide passengers with a personalized web browsing experience that meets the customer’s needs.
  • Ensure that the service is secure for both the customer and passengers alike.
  • Monitor things like signal quality, the kind of web content customers can view, etc.

Why Teldat?

The main reasons that led the customer to choose Teldat were as follows:

  1. The continued technical-sales relationship built between Teldat and the customer on other common projects, such as the Helsinki andNew Zealand projects.
  2. The quality of Teldat’s products (devices and software tools) and the fact that they are suitable for use in railway environments.
  3. Good management and a strong commitment from all Teldat departments in all previous projects embarked on for the customer.
  4. Thanks to its international scope, Teldat could provide excellent support in the different countries where the projects were executed.


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