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Atlas-60 - Teldat fully involved in the digitalization process for an international bank

Teldat Atlas-60, is an advanced technological branch router, as well as a switch and even a gateway for voice connections, both IP and analogue. 



  • Technology that goes hand in hand with the digitalization process selected by the customer.
  • More powerful lines required to migrate services to cloud.
  • Geographic variety with diversity of scenarios.
  • A solution with maximum durability and scalable for future migrations.


  • Install Atlas-60: modular and flexible device with applications support for cloud.
  • A perfect fit for the various customer scenarios: Fibra + ADSL, ADSL + ADSL, etc.
  • MPLS line providing migration possibilities to SD-WAN using the same equipment.
  • Teldat equipped their customer with Cloud NetManager (CNM), a powerful management tool for Teldat devices.

    Why Teldat

  • The Atlas-60 exceeded all performance tests at the customer laboratory, standing out against the competition.
  • Device modulation, adaptable to all given customer scenarios (Fibra + ADSL, ADSL + ADSL, etc.)
  • Device durability, perfect for adaptation to future SD-WAN scenarios.
  • The customer has continued their trust in Teldat for their high quality technology, support and innovative vision of the future.

Client Summary

The client is a global financial group founded in 1857. Its diversified business focuses on highgrowth markets and envisages technology as a key competitive advantage. Corporate responsibility is inextricably linked to its business model, pushes for inclusion and financial literacy, and supports culture and research. This financial group operates with the utmost integrity, long-term vision, and best practices, appearing in the main sustainability indexes.


Before installing the Atlas-60 devices, the client was running a mix of ADSL and WAN Ethernet services provided by the carrier. However, the customer was suffering from complications due to its digital transformation. Its corporate applications in branch offices were taking up more and more bandwidth, forcing the bank to invest in lines with more capacity and low latency. After having migrated some of its services such as the e-mail) to public data centers, the customer wants to carry on with this trend over time. At the same time, since the branch offices no longer have servers, all transactions will require greater capacity.

The large variety of scenarios in which the customer operates was another extremely important issue. Certain branches needed a flexible router in terms of interfaces. The main scenario was one that combined optical fiber with ADSL as a backup for over 3,300 devices. However, there were other settings such as ADSL with ADSL as a backup, or, in the case of ATMs, ADSL with ISDN as backup.

For many years, the customer has been immersed in a costly digitization process. Therefore, on top of having to solve the communication problems it faced, the challenge was to come up with a solution that could be easily integrated in future scenarios. Since the customer aims at migrating more services, providing a device that could still work on the long-term was crucial.

Solution Value

The client chose the Atlas-60 because, thanks to its scalability, it can fit perfectly in all scenarios.

This way, you can strike a perfect balance between a public and a private data center. It is an extremely reliable device in corporate scenarios over 100 Mbps. Moreover, it can be installed in standard communication cabinets (making it ideal for small, mediumsized, and large companies). Given the importance and nature of the customer, it was important for the security features to meet all expectations. Thus, the Atlas-60 device includes, with no extra cost, state-of-the-art ACLs, Firewall, 802.1X, IPSec, etc.

Additionally, Teldat provided the customer with Cloud NetManager (CNM): a global management tool that allows the user to control and monitor Teldat devices from a central point. This way, the customer has access to Zero Touch Deployment and can manage devices from its central office (which enormously facilitates the task). Also, this tool will allow future clients to manage SD-WAN and the display of Apps.

Atlas-60 devices currently run MPLS, but can be migrated to future SD-WAN scenarios. This suits the customer’s on-going digitization process.


The installation of Atlas 60 throughout the customer branch network has resulted in a marked increase in efficiency and comfort levels for branch offices and employees. The customer has notably gained in flexibility for two reasons.

Firstly, by having high quality technology in a modular device, this provides full compatibility with a multitude of working scenarios. Secondly, and with a view to the future, the Atlas-60 adapts perfectly to SD-WAN scenarios to ensure the customer is fully prepared for any future challenges that may arise and almost certainly will.

Why Teldat Got the Deal

The client carried out performance tests in their own laboratories where the Teldat Atlas-60 exceeded every expectation, outperforming all competitor offers.

One extremely important point was the Atlas-60 flexibility and modularity and its ability to accommodate all client‘s demands. Teldat was in fact, the only enterprise to present such a solution. Others offered different equipment for the various scenarios, which resulted in a solution both complex to install and maintain.

Finally, the fact that Teldat is fully prepared for future migrations, specifically SD-WAN, was the fundamental point that made the client value Teldat so positively for their current digitalization process.

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