Robot Framework and test automation

Robot FrameworkProcess automation is becoming increasingly important when developing new software and hardware, as a means to detect implementation failures, carry out behavioral tests involving resources and scenarios, etc. On top of saving employees a great amount of time, it is a quick and easy method that is highly reliable when compared to the alternative: specific tests that have to be run manually. As a result, well-known and highly effective infrastructures (like Robot Framework) have been created.



Alvaro Molinero: Telematics Engineeer in the Teldat R&D Department. Within this department he is responsible for the development of tests for the Automatic Error Detection in OSDx.

eSIM – the next step in SIM technology

sim cardsWe’re living at an age where the technologies used in telecommunications keep changing for the better. It seems it was only yesterday when we were discussing the advantages 3G could bring, and now 5G is already knocking at our door. When we think about a change in technology, we automatically have higher downloading speeds and a broader bandwidth in mind. But 5G can potentially provide connectivity to a wide range of devices connected to the network.


Alejandro Muñoz: Alejandro, Telecommunications Engineer, is part of Integra-T’s Sales Engineering department.

Vehicle digitalization in different markets

vehicle trasnportationReinventing an organization in the telecommunications sector is a difficult but rewarding task. Corporate strategy through to process reengineering, if properly implemented, can have a positive impact on costs and efficiency when launching a product to market (at the speed the customer wants) and/or discovering needs.


Christian Tovar: Graduated in Business Science and Master in Foreign Trade (ESIC) is part of the Teldat International Business Development Department.

Web Filtering – Creating a more healthy and productive Internet experience

web filtering

Business, Schools, Government, and almost every other form of organization, cannot work without access to the Internet.  But while the Internet has accelerated productivity it has brought with it many dangers and distractions.  These Internet threats and danger can be managed efficiently by using Domain Name Systems (DNS) technologies.


David Brebner: BEng in Electronics and MBA from Warwick Business School. David is Sales Vice President for FlashStart Internet Protection, a Teldat Partner for Web Filtering.

Open Source Software Licenses


A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the Teldat blog about open source software. I explained how we were seeing the tremendous growth in the use of open source software in recent years. So much so, that the top acquisitions within the technology sector in last year have been for open source software. In that post, I gave an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages to using open source software in comparison to proprietary software or closed source software. However, as I explained then, the trends all indicate that the open source software market is going to increase at a fast rate, hence I have decided to write a new post in order to go one step deeper into this market and explain the important role that licenses play within these types of software and the main differences between them.


Javier García: Business Studies & Marketing. Online Marketing Manager within the Teldat Corporate Marketing department