Trends in 2021: telecommunications will bring vast, social, economic & industrial changes

trends-2021-change-sdn-sd-wan-5g-iot-remote-working-aiWhen clock struck twelve midnight on New Year’s Eve this year and we went into 2021, many of us thought… “that’s it, we have finally left behind us, the disastrous year of 2020 and we start the year 2021”, hoping that normality will return as soon as possible.


Javier García: Business Studies & Marketing. Online Marketing Manager within the Teldat Corporate Marketing department 

Ensuring security in corporate environments

seguridad-ti-vpn-ztna-sdpDue to the radical change in the way we work in IT caused by COVID-19, communications and IT professionals and administrators have been forced to implement or improve necessary mechanisms to ensure security in corporate environments while maintaining their availability for users working from home or anywhere.



Roberto Lopez Gil: IT Engineer specialized in networking and cybersecurity. He works in Teldat's Ecosystem division as Technical Manager.

Log centralization in microservices with Fluent Bit

log-centralization-management-with-fluent-bit-for-kurbernetes-and-microservicesNowadays, it is quite common for systems to be made up of many subsystems. These include small programs that work together, full Operating Systems and proprietary applications.


Jorge Montero: Computer Engineer. He works within the Teldat R&D department as System, Cloud & DevOps Administrator