Teldat becomes part of Cre100do 

Teldat is now part of Cre100do

Cre100do is an organization aimed at enhancing the Spanish business model so that Spain can boast a larger number of companies that bring added value, innovation, competitiveness, and internationalization. To fulfil this goal, 100 Spanish companies that meet the abovementioned requirements and have an annual turnover of between 50 and 300 million euros have been selected to set up a business transformation program. Teldat is among the 100 participating companies.

These companies, as well as Teldat, will follow a “roadmap to success” and implement high-impact practices and concepts in order to bill more than 500 million euros per annum. By becoming big, they will lead by example and help pave the way for the 3,000 companies that currently operate in the Spanish middle market.

Cre100do launched in 2013 thanks to its founding institutions, the Bankinter Foundation for Innovation, ICEX and the Spanish Circle of Entrepreneurs. From that moment onwards, more companies have been adhering to the project and Teldat is very proud to be one of them.


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