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Wireless LAN in public transport in Northern Germany

Oct 4, 2016

transportSurfing the Internet and mailing – this shall be quickly and simply possible on busses and trams within a main city in northwestern Germany. Passengers in busses within this city will be offered fast and free Internet access.

The first vehicles will offer wireless LAN and pictograms will inform the customers that they can to get free Wi-Fi on the vehicles. The access shall be easy and without personalized registration. Moreover, the city is not providing Internet access only on busses, but also on their trams.

There are similar plans on a smaller scale for tram and bus fleets in other northern German cities, but what is very interesting is that some of the metropolis, apart from offering free Wi-Fi on busses and trams, offer at subway stations wireless LAN for free without any registration.    

What is clear is that this is only the beginning and for sure wireless LAN on public transportation will expand in the short and medium term. However, why is Wi-Fi on public transport so popular? Is it just access to Internet?

Answering the questions above, we can clearly say that  becomes more and more crucial in our daily life for many reasons, and not just for surfing the Internet. The possibilities for travelers once connected to the Wi-Fi who are spending considerable time on the bus, tram or train are endless. So obviously accessing web pages to read the news, connecting to social media or answering our emails is what comes to all of our minds first of all, but there is much more available. The transport companies can take an active role once Wi-Fi is installed and provide services for their travelers. Examples of services are many; TV services and other on-board entertainment, premium Wi-Fi services, online shopping, digital signage, foreign language services for tourists and more.  

So small wonder that public transportation companies try to attract new customers by offering Internet access. Free Wi-Fi will create a real added value for commuters in order to make them switch from car to public means which is an objective of many city transport authorities.

Teldat as a manufacturer of highly-reliable automotive telecommunication platforms, offers solutions which are certified and tailor-suited for the demanding environment of automotive projects. Moreover, we have just launched a specific website which explains from different perspectives, why Wi-Fi connectivity on transport vehicles is much more than just Internet access for travelers. 

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