The SD-WAN Solution

The best SD-WAN solution for a gradual transition from traditional networking to full SD-WAN – a flexible and scalable foundation to evolve your whole corporate network at your own pace.

be.SDx - SD-WAN for Corporate Networks

Read why software-defined technologies are one of the mainstays of large enterprises, what consequences the transformation of corporate networks will have (especially for geographically dispersed companies), and what challenges they will have to face in the future to adapt to the changing requirements of global markets and the changing world of work. Find out how modern SD-WAN technologies help you stay competitive.

be.SDx – The SD-WAN Solution

be.SDx transforms enterprise customer requirements into future-proof networks at the best price-performance ratio. be.SDx enables enterprises, cost-effectively, to take part in all kinds of technical evolutions that take place now and in the future with the highest performance and with a minimum of connection cost. be.SDx is the ideal SD-WAN Product for corporations interested in SD-WAN, who, due to the complexity and criticality of IT in their business, are willing to minimize disruptive technology adoption risks.


Network Monitoring
Centralized Management
Template based on CLI


GUI device configuration
Overlay generation
Based on templates


Analyze network traffic
Alarms and reports

Making the Net Work


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Use Cases

Convince yourself with the diverse application scenarios and possibilities that be.SDx offers you with the following examples:

SD-WAN in Retail Banking

In an increasingly fast-moving and networked world, banks, in particular, are facing major challenges in terms of security and availability. Read how be.SDx meets these challenges.

SD-WAN in Education

Education has become the decisive factor for success in the world of business, read here how be.SDx can help.

Managed SD-WAN Service Provider

The IT world has changed. The cloud and increasing cost pressures are leading companies to fundamentally change their strategies. Read how be.SDx supports the development of new business models here.