Teldat SD-WAN solution

Teldat’s SD-WAN opens up traditional IP networking to SaaS application level networking, easily and quickly.

SD-WAN and hybrid networks made easy

Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite is a comprehensive solution for effortlessly setting up and managing even the most demanding and complex implementations of enterprise SD-WAN and hybrid networks.

  • Segmentation, Security, QoS, High Availability, SaaS…
  • Template-based Zero Touch Provisioning and mass configuration
  • Proactive network monitoring with customizable alarms and email notifications
  • Northbound API: seamless integration of business and external applications

Important Points Related to SD-WAN Connectivity

  • Hybrid WAN & usage of SaaS applications
  • Move from IP to application networks
  • Easy and fast change management
  • SD-WAN power to legacy network features

Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite


Represents the top layer, the plan of control and management of the SD-WAN network and the ZTP engine.


 This core component, the heart of the SD-WAN solution, is driven by the SD-WAN Controller


User-friendly dashboards facilitate easy analysis and monitoring of the network and alerts

Optional SD-WAN products

be.SAFE Smart

Provides the first level of security, a Content Filter cyber security product that is very easy to set up without the need for ongoing maintenance and investment.

be.SAFE Premium

State of the art security service that includes NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), URL Filters, Anti-virus, Anti-bot, safe Sandbox environments, IDS/IPS, and more.


Explore your network with a powerful NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) tool and Artificial Intelligence-based network analysis..

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