Network Traffic Analysis for one of the most important banks in Spain

Through the implementation of be.Analyzer – Teldat‘s Network Traffic Analysis tool and Google Cloud platform, the bank has managed to modernize its network, making it more effective and secure.

Client Summary

The customer is a global financial group with a retail business model and provides a comprehensive range of financial and non-financial products and services to customers around the world. It has more than 80 million clients around the world and a strong presence in Spain and Latin America.


The main challenge facing the bank lay in the need for full control in the overall management and use of its network. This would allow the bank to gain control over all applications, the data usage of each application per user, the SLA provided by the operator of the various contracted WAN lines, while in addition having control over security.

The bank also required a system that would allow it to respond to both computer and physical security threats. Indeed, protecting the data of the thousands of branch offices and users operating with the bank was a fundamental issue for the client.

To further complicate matters, the bank needed to carry out an efficient migration from its MPLS networks to an SD-WAN network. This migration meant the client was forced to look for a solution with a Cloud server so as not to have a farm of physical servers (which entails disadvantages such as increased management complexity and high investment costs).

Finally, despite already working with unsatisfactory Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) tools on physical servers, the bank really needed an NTA tool with a Cloud services system that would offer it a safe and stable environment.

In summary, the challenge consisted of finding and implementing an advanced and complete solution, capable of providing the bank overall management while satisfactorily solving all of the above-mentioned problems.


Teldat’s Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solution, be-Analyzer, in conjunction with Google Cloud services, is the best solution for the bank.

be.Analyzer enables the implementation and monitoring of the migration from existing MPLS networks to the new SD-WAN network, meeting all the needs of a Big Data cloud environment.

With be.Analyzer, the bank has an excellent means of controlling users and the traffic they generate, learning where, when and how and creating its own reports and dashboards. Furthermore, the bank can optimize and maintain complete control of network security.

The be.Analyzer NTA solution proactively detects system problems – be they in infrastructure or applications. It can identify where a problem is and correct it. These functionalities allow the bank to take measures before the error has a chance to spread.

After learning that the bank needed a cloud service to manage its data, the decision was easy. Google Cloud has clear competitive advantages and would facilitate the bank’s migration from MPLS to SD-WAN networks. Google Cloud provides a safe and clean cloud environment, which the bank requested. In the Big Data setting, the Google Cloud platform is simple to manage, accessible and delivers a high level of UX for the user. It also offers a very advanced level of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as infinite scalability, high availability (over 99.9%) and excellent integration with Kubernetes and microservices.

The Google Cloud platform simplifies the task of cost management for both Teldat and the bank by not requiring advance planning to obtain the best possible price. Discounts are applied as storage and computing are consumed


The synergy between Teldat’s be.Analyzer solution (as a Network Traffic Analysis system) and Google Cloud (as a Cloud service provider) has proven to be the ideal solution to respond to the challenge by achieving the following objectives:

  • An effective migration from MPLS to SD-WAN.
  • Around 2,500 devices managed by be.Analyzer and located in Google Cloud with total security control of network traffic at the user and application level, resulting in a high level of network optimization.
  • A proactive troubleshooting system helps eliminate the bank’s heavy workload.
  • Lots of possibilities for easily updating and building the bank’s network in the Big Data setting in the future.

Why Teldat and Google Cloud

The collaboration between be.Analyzer and Google Cloud has emerged as the clear winner – especially as no other option was able to offer everything the bank was looking for in a single solution.

Teldat’s be.Analyzer offers the most advanced Network Traffic Analysis available. Thanks to its level of detail and very high granularity, and the possibility of maintaining all flow data, it provides both real-time control and forensic analysis. The bank gains optimal traffic control with visibility at the application and user levels, as well as geolocation, dashboards, reports and more.

Google Cloud, for its part, provides a safe cloud environment (an absolute requirement of the bank). It also provides a simple and fair system in terms of costs, plus technical advantages such as a high level of AI and the capacity to take on the huge amount of data generated by be.Analyzer without compromising user experience or scalability.


Making the Net Work


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