Digital Evolution

Changes in corporate structures lead to new demands on the communications infrastructure. Find out how this is changing the market and how you too can meet this challenge.

Advanced Corporate Network Market

The world is getting faster. We expect customer service to resolve problems right away. We have become used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

For industry, this trend is reflected in the increased demand for real-time data processing. AI, IoT, and 5G are driving a surge in data production and it is estimated that in 2020 there were more than 7.5 billion connected enterprise devices in use. The ability to handle this avalanche of data in an efficient way will be the decisive factor in getting ahead of the competition.

What are the forecasts?

Although 2020 has caused a reduction in SD-WAN growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is forecasted that, SD-WAN will carry on with its previously high growth rates, eventually in the not so distant future, becoming the main technology for WAN branch, office or site scenarios.

This is due to the fact SD-WAN can cover all lines of business and offers a solid solution to solve the growing demand for higher bandwidth with robust connectivity, the need to drastically reduce deployment costs and service/maintenance costs.

Additionally, there are specific market changes which are also driving the increase deployment of SD-WAN, such as the continuing expansion of the use of; the Cloud, Internet traffic, home working, mobility and more.

All the above mentioned issues, place the SD-WAN forecasts in double figure growth rate patterns, for the years ahead.

SD-WAN market segments


The market segments where SD-WAN solutions can be sold are endless. Both in the Public and Private Sector. Any company organization, that has a number of offices or sites and a central communications center, is eligible to work on SD-WAN, as it will increase bandwidth connectivity, the use of the cloud and lower network / maintenance costs among other issues.

Some examples of the endless end-user market segments are:

…and many, many more end-user market segments!

Carriers & Service Providers

Carriers & Service Providers are also potential users of SD-WAN because obviously the end users need these organizations to supply them with the SD-WAN service.

Carriers & Service Providers need to set up the technological platforms using the SD-WAN solutions, that will offer the end users all the advantages of SD-WAN. In the case that end users want to maintain a lean IT structure, they outsource this technology via carriers or service providers, and hence acquire SD-WAN as a Service or even, as a Managed Service.

Indeed, this business model which offers SD-WAN as a Service is even being provided by System Integrators to their end user clients, due to the huge potential growth that SD-WAN technology is producing now and is forecasted to give in the near future.

be.SDx for Enterprises Corporate SD-WAN Solutions

be.SDx is the SDWAN solution for large enterprises – offering the best possible price/performance ratio in any applicable scenario, with the highest performance and stability. At the same time, you have full control of connection costs.

It features a well-thought-out design and is openly scalable. Thus, it enables rapid, agile adaptation according to specific requirements. Even a step-by-step introduction is easy to perform, due to its modular product design and license management, which also offers always a way back to traditional technologies if needed. Moreover, it ensures networking of a large number of data centers and branch offices worldwide. So, be.SDx is the enterprise SDWAN solution that secures your investment and offers the highest performance with maximum possible flexibility at reasonable rates.

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