Digital Evolution

Changes in corporate structures lead to new demands on the communications infrastructure. Find out how this is changing the market and how you too can meet this challenge.

Advanced Corporate Network Market

The world is getting faster. We expect customer service to resolve problems right away. We have become used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
For industry, this trend is reflected in the increased demand
for real-time data processing. AI, IoT, and 5G are driving a surge in data production that could see more than 7.5 billion connected devices in use for enterprises by 2020. Being able to handle the data deluge efficiently will decide who will hold the pole position among competitors.

be.SDx for Enterprises Corporate SD-WAN Solutions

be.SDx is the SDWAN solution for large enterprises – offering the best possible price/performance ratio in any applicable scenario, with the highest performance and stability. At the same time, you have full control of connection costs.

It features a well-thought-out design and is openly scalable. Thus, it enables rapid, agile adaptation according to specific requirements. Even a step-by-step introduction is easy to perform, due to its modular product design and license management, which also offers always a way back to traditional technologies if needed. Moreover, it ensures networking of a large number of data centers and branch offices worldwide. So, be.SDx is the enterprise SDWAN solution that secures your investment and offers the highest performance with maximum possible flexibility at reasonable rates.

Making the Net Work


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