SD-WAN transforms a pharmacy chain’s corporate network

Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution enables the modernization of 1,100 Pharmacy branches in Mexico, providing interoperability and network traffic visibility at the application level.

Customer Summary

The customer is a mexican pharmacy chain with 100 years of experience. Is a leader in the retail market for health and wellness products in Mexico.

The chain is present in more than 200 cities and has a network of more than 1,200 pharmacies, 600 consultancies and a high-tech distribution hub.


The pharmacy chain has and continues to experience rapid growth. For this reason, the client used Teldat in 2017 to provide technology for the company’s retail expansion from 1,030 to 1,500 stores.

At that time, the pharmacy chain was having issues with intermittent or interrupted signals – a situation that needed remedying because it was affecting services such as virtual consultations. They also needed to strengthen their security to attain the PCI certification that would enable them to accept credit and/or debit card payments.

Teldat was able to solve these issues by proposing and installing Teldat-M1 devices with V.35 or WAN Ethernet-RJ45 serial connections. These devices saved having to install independent switches, took care of signal quality issues (with fast traffic speeds of up to 10 Mbps) and improved security by using IPSec to encrypt traffic over VPNs.

Three years later, the pharmacy chain sought offers , through the operator, to implement an SD-WAN solution that would allow them to upgrade to an SD-WAN network. This network modernization, required by the company, was necessary to bring the network up to date and prepare it for future emerging challenges. Among other things, the company wanted to further improve link redundancy and obtain interoperability, in addition to having the ability to view application-level traffic on its corporate network.



Teldat won the project, despite being the only competitor not approved from the outset by the operator. The end customer was very satisfied with the results from the model that Teldat installed in record time in one of the pharmacies, even though they had already implemented proofs of concept from other providers.

The pharmacy chain was also able to keep the existing Teldat-M1 routers that were installed in 2017. As a result, the client could add Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution rather than investing in new hardware. The transition from a traditional network to a modern SD-WAN network could thus be done simply, flexibly and economically.

Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution allows the customer to forget about the underlying connection technology and optimally control and prioritize the data flows. Unlimited branches or sites can be connected, and the modular structure, combined with a thoughtful design, translate into a solution that is, on the one hand, adaptable, and, on the other hand, allows the use of common SD-WAN network concepts (on high-performance and availability), and at an optimized cost.

Additionally, the pharmacy chain was particularly interested the Visualizer Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution module. Visualizer is a network analysis tool integrated in the Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution management platform. The tool receives traffic data from Teldat (and other) devices through the standard Netflow/IPFIX protocol at the application level. Level 7 allows a very detailed analysis of the traffic in each application. Visualizer is deployed on Google Cloud and is Kubernetes based, making it a highly scalable and reliable solution for Teldat customers.


By deploying Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution in 1,100 branches, the client has been able to overcome the initial challenges:

Evolving from a traditional network to an SD-WAN network, preparing for the future and obtaining a flexible network that can grow with the customer.

Application-level network traffic analysis, with centralized control that allows the customer to block or prioritize specific application traffic.

Significant reduction of on-site engineering costs with the SD-WAN solution.Installation of licenses (DPI, Wi-Fi) performing configuration remotely.

Solution support to reuse transport infrastructure (V.35, E1)

Improve signal quality and ensure interoperability

Why Teldat?

The Mexican pharmacy chain and the operator involved in the contest selected Teldat as a supplier for several reasons, including:

  • Teldat’s solution made use of the existing hardware resources, thereby providing significant cost savings.
  • The technical and professional competence of Teldat’s human team shown throughout the project. They worked quickly, efficiently and very professionally, assembling a model in just 15 days.
  • Working closely with the customer to ensure that everything worked perfectly from Teldat.
  • Teldat’s proven track record and renown internationally, with Gartner recognizing Teldat’s CNM SD-WAN Suite solution in its magic quadrant for the third consecutive year.


Making the Net Work


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