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be.SDx helps managed service providers to easily and effectively expand their business and create a larger customer base with the least amount of effort and cost and with optimal performance

Market Overview

The increasing cost pressure of recent years, caused by a change in customer behavior, has led to a change in IT management, especially in large companies and concerns. Also, the growing proportion of cloud-based solutions and services has led companies to either downsize or completely disband their own IT departments. Such lucrative new business areas were formed for companies in the IT sector, which had previously concentrated more on hardware sales or the building IT infrastructures, that “managed service providing” was born. The rapidly developing cloud technologies of recent years have favored this situation and have led to almost every conceivable challenge and task being offered “as a service” (XaaS), including, for example, IT security, IT infrastructures, platform development, software development, application provision and the software-based management of the entire corporate network, particularly in geographically distributed companies.

This change led to “Managed SD-WAN Service Providing” becoming one of the supporting pillars of modern company infrastructures and thus guaranteeing or enabling the success of globally operating companies under the aspects of cost optimization, reduction of complexity, and effort of the company’s own IT landscapes.


IT companies that offer software-based network solutions for geographically distributed companies and groups, have to especially cope with several challenges. On the one hand, there are the country-specific conditions of company networks and the given connection technologies, and on the other hand, the cost-optimized operation and maintenance of the distributed network infrastructures. This is aggravated by the fact that managed SD-WAN service providers in the large customer environment do not have to manage just one customer, and thus just one network infrastructure, but may have to manage hundreds or even thousands of customer environments in parallel, all with different requirements and orientations. It is therefore imperative if the company wants to work successfully and economically, that these service offerings should be provided centrally, standardized, secure, and efficient.
Also, it must be possible to abstract the connection technology used, whether MPLS, standard Internet connections, mobile phone connections or country-specific Internet connections (xDSL,, G73) or their simultaneous operation next to each other, in such a way that the administration of these networks is also possible without in-depth knowledge of the connection technology used. In addition, the management of the distributed network components and, above all, their configuration and roll-out must be automatically carried out centrally and as far as possible. A further important point in this context for end customers is the reduction of resulting connection costs while maintaining the same or even improving the performance and availability of the network through the massive reduction or even complete replacement of very cost-intensive MPLS connections with cost-optimized standard Internet connections.

However, all these requirements can be solved, quickly, easily and at optimal cost with be.SDx from Teldat, the perfect solution for providers of managed SD-Wan services in the enterprise customer environment.


Everything that modern network service providing requires today, especially in very large environments with multiple, sometimes redundant, data centers, and thousands of branch offices, is made possible by be.SDx Corp. Any number of large customers can be managed in parallel and isolated, highly available, and scalable. End customer networks can be secured against the failure of individual SD-WAN components as well as against the failure of entire data centers. With the possibility of the complete abstraction of the used connection technologies, it is not only ensured that the highest possible network performance is always available to the end customer, but also that the loss of individual connection paths can be automatically compensated. Especially in times when the connection availability has become one of the most important success factors for large companies, a continuously available SD-WAN service can be the decisive factor for the success or failure of a managed SD-WAN service provider in the large customer segment. Individual end customers can be given the choice of using their own IT security solution that is already in use. This is achieved by integrating any third-party providers for this area, made possible by open, secure interfaces and the possibility of adapting SD-WAN components in a unique granularity and depth.

However, customer network faults can also have other causes, such as the misuse of Internet connections or attack scenarios from the outside, problems with application provision, and other influencing factors. This usually leads to costly root cause research and dissatisfied customers. be.SDx Corp is, through precise and reliable application detection and control and the possibility of detailed data flow analysis at the application level, exactly the tool to counteract these situations, even proactively. This makes it possible to offer a trouble-free service with less effort on your part, helping your end-customers to achieve their business objectives with the highest level of satisfaction.

Why be.SDx?

With be.SDx, it is possible to offer end-customers an SD-WAN solution as a managed service that guarantees continuous business operations and secures investments, also because a return to traditional network technologies is always possible if the SD-WAN approach does not meet requirements. Even the parallel operation of both technology approaches can be carried out without any problems and thus a step-by-step and smooth introduction of modern SD-WAN concepts into the company’s operations is naturally given. This unique approach of Teldat makes be.SDx the perfect solution for Managed SD-WAN Service Providers to establish a business model that can be adapted to the requirements of the different end customer scenarios with the least possible effort, thus nearly automatically leading to a satisfied and stable customer base and significantly supporting and securing the business’ own success.

Making the Net Work


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