SD-WAN for Education

be.SDx helps education to go through their digital transformation with ease.

Market Overview

Education has drastically changed in the last years in many aspects. One of these changes has been in the use of ICT and telecommunications. It was not that long ago when schools only had ICT in those classrooms that were directly related to the subject itself. However, education is perhaps one of the sectors that has most benefited from the digital transformation. Now e-learning is immense and the great benefits that it can bring have been seen by many. Governments, school boards, parents, and the students themselves.

The digital transformation has brought ICT into all types of classrooms within schools and other educational establishments and due to the type of information that they need to use, having a large broadband and keeping costs reasonably low is of utmost importance.


One of the largest challenges that face education within their digital transformation is to choose the type of connectivity to use. Using expensive MPLS lines is not appropriate for many reasons, but neither is using residential broadband lines because security and quality levels are needed at all times and this cannot be achieved on residential lines.

Also, related to the network is the fact that educational establishments are spread across entire countries’ terrains, and uniformity in broadband lines is virtually impossible. There will be many sites that will not have fixed lines, not to speak of broadband lines and so, they will have to work with cellular 4G/LTE connectivity. An optimal solution needs the network lines to be invisible to the end-users, so that all sites can work at virtually the same pace on the educational digital systems, regardless of the connectivity deployed.

User experience is an issue that initial studies related to digital transformation in education, indicates is improving and should keep doing so. However, the use of digital networks within children and adolescents must be under full control, to make sure that the negative issues and other risks related to digital networks are not taken on board by students.

Depending on the educational establishment and how far the digital transformation has advanced, as well as the available budget that is available, network deployment needs will vary considerably from country to country and even between different educational establishments within the same country.

Overall to allow the digital transformation in education to keep progressing, it is immensely important that costs are kept as low as viably possible, whilst maintaining the high-quality levels that are and will be demanded.

Taking into consideration all these challenges faced by education, be.SDx is a totally appropriate solution.


be.SDx offers exactly what the educational system requires to be able to have full connectivity to use digital systems that are continuously increasing in this sector. It offers the possibility to use an underlay of Internet lines to obtain the required size in broadband. In those areas where fixed Internet lines are not available, sites can use cellular 4G/LTE network lines and this would be totally invisible to the end-users. Invisible in that the overlay placed by the Teldat SD-WAN would offer speed, security, and quality, among many other advantages. Hence, the transmission of heavy files such as videos, e-books, and others is not a problem.

Keeping a tight control on what is being transmitted or accessed by students or adolescents who are working and studying on the network, is no issue at all. be.SDx allows schools to easily identify what applications are on the network at any moment in time. Hence, inappropriate traffic can be stopped.

Another important point for the educational sector is the need to keep a tight control on costs. With the Teldat solution, a huge cost in installation and maintenance can be eliminated, as it offers Zero Touch Provisioning. Edge devices can be sent by post or courier to a non-technical member of a school and installation is virtually plug and play. be.SDx also reduces costs in that management tasks and maintenance are much more simple, easier, and faster.

Why be.SDx?

There are various reasons why be.SDx is better for the educational sector than others, but one stands out. That is the uniqueness of be.SDx which permits schools and other establishments to deploy the solution as needed. This can be done because Teldat’s solution is divided into blocks for simplicity and effectiveness.

There will be establishments who only wish to have a basic solution, due to budget or other reasons. When this is the case, it can be done with the added advantage that at any moment in time the solution can be upgraded for improved functionality.

As Teldat has worked with the educational sector for many years, our company has a vast experience within this market, which considering the characteristics of the sector is a fact of extreme importance.

Making the Net Work


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