Does 5G solve the railway problem?

Francisco Guerrero, Teldat V.P. Product Marketing took part in the event "Smart Railways and 5G: Challenges and Opportunities".



Francisco Guerrero, Teldat Product Marketing VP, took part in the event "Smart Railway and 5G: Challenges and Opportunities", organized by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers, and answered the question: Does 5G solve the railway problem? from the point of view of a technology provider?

Teldat's CMO at the 50th COIT Show

Ignacio Loizaga, explains Network Virtualization at the 50th COIT Congress.  

Understand Network Virtualization and how this leads to software defined Networking. A new technology that has transformed data centers, carriers and corporate communications. In particular, branch office communications, that now work with virtualized privated & public data centers and outsourced applications such as SaaS. Hence, SD-WAN is vital for corporate virtualized networks to aggregate bandwidth, but also for security policies, visualization tools and much more...

Teldat SD-WAN approach

A unique approach to SD-WAN that allows you to grow in features and services at your pace of choice. 

This video transmits very quickly an overview of how the Teldat SD-WAN solution allows customers to gradually migrate from a traditional access device to a fully operative SD-WAN network. 




The perfect trip

Discover what your bus company can become, and how Teldat's advanced communication platforms make it a reality, now.

When a bus operator decides to provide its fleet with an on-board internet connection, it is common to simply opt for a short-term, low-cost solution that does the job, at least temporary. This video shows the full potential of a different approach: one that can transform your company and bring your passenger's journeys to a whole new level. 



SD-WAN at your pace of choice

Discover why Teldat is the leading European vendor of SD-WAN solutions. 

Teldat's innovative approach of pick-and-choose SD-WAN feature-packs allows enterprises to deploy an SD-WAN ready infrastructure at a competitive entry level price point, letting customers gradually adopt transport independence, enhanced application visibility, application steering and/or distributed network services at their pace of choice. 




What is Teldat?

Discover what Teldat does to be present in almost every moment of your day. 

This video explains why Teldat is a company on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology with SD-WAN, providing connectivity to any type of vehicle, giving remote office and branch communication management with central office and deploying innovative solutions for voice communications.

30th Anniversary Corporate Video

New Teldat Corporate Video launched to celebrate the company’s 30th Anniversary 

This video transmits very quickly an overview of what Teldat has accomplished in 30 years, based on inspiration, creativity and growth throughout the 5 continents. See views of our head offices in Madrid, the different Teldat building sections, some of our technology and a few members of our team.


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