be.SDx – An SDN Solution

IT Resellers and System Integrators use be.SDx, a centrally-managed cloud portal system to solve their SME clients’ new technological requirements.

What is be.SDx?

be.SDx is a solution platform based on SDN (software-defined networks) for IT Resellers and System Integrators to solve their SME clients’ new networking requirements, which are easy to expand, quick to roll out, have short service response times and high-level security


be.SDx Making the Net Work

be.SDx solution offers many advantages for IT resellers and System Integrators as well as for their SME clients’ new networking requirements:

  • Our cloud portal allows for a centrally controlled management solution
  • Operations efficiency with low on-site presence
  • The business model permits new services & high-end client satisfaction
  • SDN solutions suited for SME’s new networking demands
  • Edge devices with advanced WAN technology

be.SDx Solution Concept

be.SDx allows IT Resellers and System Integrators to manage their SME clients’ networks centrally and efficiently via a cloud portal system, for automatic roll-out, commissioning, configuration, and monitoring, as well as incorporating advanced Edge devices with our corporation’s advanced WAN technology.

be.SDx Business Model

be.SDx solution creates new business models for IT Resellers and System Integrators to make the new SME networks simple to implement, while generating a high level of end-client satisfaction via be.SDx’s unique services.

Customer Wizard

See how you can use be.SDx, our new cloud-based network management platform, to create a new customer in a quick and self-explanatory way, as well as setting up a new company network in record time – without having to be present at the site.


We show you how you can simplify the setup and optimization of a Network Infrastructure (for example with 20 branches) with be.SDx, as well as how easily you can make improvements in a user-oriented manner via the application menu, gaining customer satisfaction


We show you how you can identify problems quickly and solve them directly from your desk. Valuable time can be saved, which you use can use for new customer acquisition or many other issues.

Making the Net Work

Demo Lab

Test the be.SDx platform for yourself via our Demo Lab and think of the powerful new services and new business opportunities be.SDx will give your company.

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Become a Partner

Start now, offering your clients a solution to their modern technology requirements, as well as obtain the advantages that be.SDx will give your company.

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