What is be.SDx?

be.SDx provides IT Resellers and System Integrators with benefits in productivity, revenue and security, supplying SME’s with new technology.

The New Network Requirements for SMEs

To  be able to understand be.SDx, we have to appreciate what an SMEs modern network technology requirements are. They must be:

  • Easy to expand or rebuild.
  • Quick to roll out new features & updates 
  • Offer short response times to service issues. 

The be.SDx solution covers the end users new requirements and more, resulting in higher customer satisfaction because its a simple, cost-effective, reliable, secure and informative solution.

Moreover, the be.SDx solution offers resellers and systems integrators additional  benefits. 


More Productivity

Faster time to market and lower upfront costs, while allowing quick network configuration – up to 10 times faster.

More Revenue

Business can expand beyond WAN, into LAN and Wireless LAN. Also, our hardware and software ecosystems enable new business models implementation.

More Transparency

 Deeper insight into network operation, with clear and informative business-oriented reports on application performance. 

Better Support

Fewer on-site deployment appointments are required as this is all done from the centrally managed service. More predictable network behavior allows for shorter troubleshooting response times.

Less Disruption

Assisted configurations reduce the error rate and overall, the end-user experiences will feature a more robust network and better protection against failure. 


Better Security

Legally compliant with data protection regulation, telecommuter/field workers support, as well as flexible support for multiple customer scenarios.

be.SDx Solves SME’s New Network Requirements 

be.SDx offers an easy-to-use central management Cloud Portal, to manage and control networks. All compatible hardware from routers to access points can be controlled irrespective of location sites and without physical device access. Moreover, the be.SDx Cloud Portal can manage different customers on the same portal.

be.SDx: Network Management From Anywhere

be.SDx remote cloud-based management also allows for remote configuration and commissioning – as well as – an automatic configuration of VPN tunnels and more.

Complex Tasks with be.SDx Are Made Easy

The holistic approach that Cloud-based management offers can automate many operations and preconfigure components. The on-site time required for the customer is decreased. No IT expertise is required to assemble devices that have already been configured.

  • Predefined security and automatic VPN configuration and settings
  • Predefined Wi-Fi settings
  • Telephony is treated as an application

Successfully Establish New Services & Create New Business Opportunities

The be.SDx solution allows you, as an IT Reseller or System Integrator, to create new services that will result in new business opportunities and therefore generate new revenue for your company. Moreover, your clients as end-users will also receive increased satisfaction from these new services.

  1. be.SDx = Powerful platform for Resellers SaaS solutions.
  2. be.SDx = Increased customer/end-user satisfaction via the cloud portal: Allowing remote maintenance, reports, network visualization…

Making the Net Work

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