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Teldat SD-WAN Solution

The best SD-WAN solution for gradual transition from traditional networking to full SD-WAN - a flexible and scalable foundation to evolve the whole corporate network at your own pace.

The Advantages of Teldat’s SD-WAN Solution

  • Integration Cloud Net Manager is the management solution to enable maintenance and troubleshooting operations for large corporate networks. Covering everything from Wi-Fi APs to WAN routers, it unifies the management of all the branch office’s installed base under a single pane of glass, from real-time status to troubleshooting events and massive management operations.
  • Automatic Configuration (ZTP) No matter the complexity of your network, CNM Provisioner minimizes the deployment of onsite tasks--a versatile solution to cover both traditional networking configurations and full SD-WAN configurations, ready for massive deployments and critical deployments requiring extensive tracing or scheduling. SD-WAN edges are fully-configured automatically from the cloud.
  • Global and Detailed View CNM Visualizer is the perfect tool to migrate to an application’s central network. It carries out application-level traffic monitoring and analysis on the network to support network design changes to decide the best application-level SLAs and policies. It provides detailed real-time information and extensive reports about how users are applying the various services and applications.
  • Simplified Management Tasks CNM Controller is a full SD-WAN configuration tool to configure an application-oriented and secure network. Through a powerful graphical user interface, it enables a combination of MPLS and Internet lines with an automatic failover and balancing algorithm to choose the best path for each application, enhancing performance and reducing operational costs.
  • Integration of Additional Services CNM Servicer is the tool to manage service-chaining in Teldat devices. Add and configure your own or third-party applications on Teldat devices to provide added value through the combination of additional computing or virtual networking functions to expand the benefits of the solution.

Why choose SD-WAN?

Today, organizations are experiencing a digital transformation . As WAN networks are clearly the central nervous system of organizations, this transformation affects two facets of WAN networks. Firstly, their growth and delocalization , together with new ways of working, make them increasingly geographically diversified, leading to increasing numbers of remote and mobile users . Secondly, the way to access information and applications, which is increasingly done by accessing third-party cloud-based services , and which all offices access directly, meaning that corporate traffic is no longer star-shaped as it has been until now, and corporate links are becoming meaningless. This makes traditional WAN architecture obsolete when confronted by a new, more agile and affordable model.

SD-WAN is the answer to the demands organization are making of their communications networks . Teldat’s implementation of this technology not only offers you the opportunity to access all its capabilities, but also allows you to do it flexibly and gradually, in line with what your customer really needs or can manage.

It is a new form of network implementation through a single platform , allowing IT managers to reduce complexity and operational costs , without sacrificing full functionality, security and reliability.

Cloud Net Manager, available for everyone

Different companies have different needs and, in line with the modular design concept, Teldat’s SD-WAN solution can be adapted to new requirements at any time through Cloud Net Manager (CNM). This is an interface software at the heart of the solution, allowing customers to contract a basic solution that can grow in capacity by adding functions and services as required.

Cloud Net Manager Base (CNM Base)

This is the management platform’s main component and holds the intelligence of the WAN. It is responsible for integrating different networks into a single platform. CNM Base can scale to support a very large number of nodes and works in high availability mode. Depending on user needs, it can either be installed in the public cloud or in the user’s own data centre as a Virtual Appliance.


Cloud Net Manager Provisioner (CNM Provisioner)

This module allows you to automatically configure your office devices in a process known as Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Given the critical nature of this process, CNM Provisioner provides extensive tracing options and supports traditional and full-SDWAN scenarios. It relies on a secure connection based on certificates to guarantee the reliability of the communication channel used by the CNM Base.


Cloud Net Manager Visualizer (CNM Visualizer)

CNM Visualizer gathers and displays information about application-level traffic, allowing you to have full visibility of the usage users make of services, applications and network capacity. All collected data is presented in a unified, high-level monitoring view – which you can expand to see a single user, and ideal for troubleshooting and decision-making processes.


Cloud Net Manager Controller (CNM Controller)

CNM Controller is the ultimate layer to align business drivers with corporate network performance. It facilitates network configuration through a graphical interface designed to enhance application performance through the configuration of prioritization rules, WAN selection algorithms and user group in combination with plain internet lines an MPLS.


Cloud Net Manager Servicer (CNM Servicer)

This platform adds your own or third-party functionality to the standard SD-WAN solution in order to increase its power. For example, you can include WAN optimization, networked storage or additional security features - all without affecting the net data throughput.


IDC explains why Teldat´s SD-WAN
solution shoud be chosen...

Teldat anticipates companies’ real needs

The world is continually changing and evolving, and so are businesses and their needs. So our customers can master current challenges and take their companies one step further, Teldat recently launched the third version of its SD-WAN solution: Cloud Net Manager (CNMv3). This new solution offers a more modern user interface with brand-new responsive design features, allowing it to adapt to different screen types and sizes for use with any device.

Thanks to a new microservices-based computing, the new CNMv3 solution also supports the concept of projects for network management. Customers can use individual templates and configure networks independently of other networks.

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