be.Analyzer Network Traffic Analysis tool

Regain visibility and control of your Cloud-based physical and virtual networks

Network Traffic Analysis

As IT moves into the Cloud for delivery as a service, organizations lose visibility of their network infrastructure. be.Analyzer Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) gives users back control and informs their strategic decisions.

  • be.Analyzer’s business-type vocabulary is easily understood by all users profiles
  • Scalable and suitable for organizations of any size and complexity
  • Uses telemetry from all network manufacturers’ equipment
  • Troubleshoots network performance and curbs malware
  • Monitors user behavior and controls shadow IT

Network traffic analysis market overview

As Internet penetration continues, and users shift towards online platforms, organizations are making heavy demands on cloud services due to their cost-effective nature, scalability, high performance, facility for automatic system updates, and easy integration with existing infrastructure.

Increasing cloud traffic has resulted in growing concerns about network security across businesses, which is driving the need for managing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and maintaining the quality of experience (QoE).

These factors present network administrators with a dynamic environment, owing to the rising volume of system applications, increasing numbers of mobile end devices that are often employee-owned (BYOD), and amount of transferred data in corporate and WAN networks. Data rates can reach ten gigabits, with distributed infrastructure, virtualizations, and cloud services. These trends have created a huge demand for stability and improved network administration.

The global network traffic analysis solutions market is growing through meeting this demand with tools for high transparency communication at both system and device levels and requirement, and control over applications. Such solutions aid in maintaining high network security, reduce the time needed to resolve network issues, and monitor user behavior and network capacity consumption, while pre-empting problems relating to networks and applications.

What are the important points related to Network Traffic Analysis?

  • Provides broad views of network activity

    Popular NTA solutions deliver the essential information needed to impose control and take any necessary strategic decisions: these permit operators to optimize their existing infrastructure with confidence.
  • NTA gives access to every network aspect

    NTA reveals user behavior, detects bottlenecks, and makes troubleshooting easy. It allows forensic analysis, builds business vision and infrastructure optimization. Users can take actions based on facts.
  • NTA integrates a variety of technologies

    NTA solutions collect real time data, and enrich it to provide insights. Query systems operate to the required granularity, and data is unified for interoperability. NTA uses machine learning to learn network behavior and find anomalies.
  • NTA promotes reliable network management

    NTA provides a powerful, flexible, simple, and visual tool to generate and reveal relevant information as it is needed. With the correct network information, network operations teams can manage their network reliably.

Understanding Network Traffic Analysis

A well-performing network is critically important to digital business; however, its visibility and users’ understanding of it often don't meet operational requirements.

IT is no longer contained within a controlled internal environment. Infrastructure is moving steadily out of the office, being consumed instead as a service. Yet the equipment that inevitably remains on site comprises many devices from different manufacturers that cannot easily be monitored.

That’s why network traffic analysis (NTA) solutions are increasingly popular: they provide a much broader view of their network’s activity without calling for assumptions. They deliver the essential information needed to impose control and make strategic decisions that allow users to optimize their existing infrastructure with confidence.

NTA is easy to implement, and lets users

  • Take action based on facts
  • Optimize infrastructure
  • Detect bottlenecks
  • Gain business vision
  • Troubleshoot easily
  • Perform forensic analysis

NTA technology comprises six parts:

Collection: Distributed high-speed collectors digest the telemetric and flow data coming from the network devices at real-time speed.

Normalization: No matter the origin of the network event, the normalization process unifies all sources into standard system dimensions to allow interoperability

Enrichment: Using third party and internal intelligence feeds, the platform enriches every event to provide real insights derived from the raw data

Analysis: Through machine learning techniques, the platform learns the network behaviors and discovers anomalies

Visualization: A powerful query system will interrogate any aspect of the network performance, usage, KPIs or relevant security information at the granularity level required.

ACT: With the correct network information, network operations teams can reliably manage the network.

be.Analyzer Solution & Teldat Products

The background

All companies increasingly depend on third-party service solutions. This means they are unable to check or monitor for themselves whether their contracted services meet their SLA or are performing well. They may suspect they are not fully benefiting from their network, or are paying for under-utilized infrastructure – but cannot be sure.

be.Analyzer is the perfect answer: It is a next-generation NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) platform that gives users the increasingly critical ability to view their network’s status and control it accordingly. This view is in-depth, detailed, unbiased, and user-controlled, while being compatible with any network vendor.

be.Analyzer – a tool for everyone

Critically, be.Analyzer is far from just a technical tool for the IT and Communications departments. It brings immediate, actionable information to the entire enterprise, through its business-oriented vocabulary and user-friendly interface. The CEO or anyone else in the company, even without technical knowledge, can consult and understand be.Analyzer

be.Analyzer provides an interactive, agile, and powerful tool for real-time and historical network data. Users can freely design unlimited Dashboards and Reports, and can also configure alarms for network situations requiring attention.

be.Analyzer - Adaptable & Scalable

Provided as a service from the cloud (SaaS) for monitoring and diagnosis, and analysis of both physical and virtual networks in environments from any network manufacturer, it uses the telemetry that these networks produce.

be.Analyzer’s hierarchical, multi-tenant and multi-tiered architecture makes it ideal for organizations of any size and complexity. With its powerful Big Data structure, the architecture can scale for large infrastructures and respond to NPMD (Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis) challenges for service providers, managed service providers, large companies, or small and medium organizations with specific network visibility needs.

be.Analyzer’s Network Monitoring & Management

Teldat M8Smart-5G for service providers and end users.

Correct and appropriate network use: Are all users using the latest approved applications, and nothing incompatible with their department’s role? Is any device accessing an unauthorized resource? Monitor how users are accessing applications, to control shadow IT and ensure only trusted, allowed applications are being used.

Network sizing and futureproofing: Find out if your infrastructure is optimally sized, and anticipate capacity needs for new applications. Analyze network trends and forecast investment based on traffic, growth rates, interface capacity and runout dates.

Curb malware impact: Get an overview of locations affected by malicious activity, classify malware types, and analyze time periods where malicious traffic was detected for each location individually

Network performance: Detect network or local outages for fast troubleshooting, and monitor business-critical applications’ performance. be.Analyzer also makes patterns and anomalies visible.

Use cases

5G FWA for small sites, branch offices and organizations in Rural Areas.

Cloudbased tax administration

How tax authorities are improving their collection services with cloud technology

Gives mobile sites HQ & cloud connectivity, via 5G FWA.

Pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceutical industry globalization increases dependence on data infrastructure

Towns/cities with civil works barriers for cabling. Solved via 5G FWA.

Multisite supermarkets

Hypermarket chains with high store counts and large, complex data networks require powerful network management tools

Cloudbased tax collection administration

How tax authorities are improving their collection services with cloud technology


Cloud technology is offering tax authorities an opportunity to improve the tax experience for themselves and their users. By digitizing tax, tax authorities, accountants, and taxpayers can exchange tax information via cloud-based applications rather than paper records or spreadsheets.

Applying this digital transformation will reduce IT downtime for internal and external services, maintain daily IT service standards, and deliver IT projects on-time and to quality standards.

Network traffic analysis products like be.Analyzer can provide effective solutions to tax offices seeking to meet these commitments.


Tax authority organizations are large and complex – yet be.Analyzer can help. It allows configurations for all organizations of any complexity. Users and devices (physical and virtual) can be nested in an organizational/regional hierarchy that best reflects their reality. Information can be freely filtered and analyzed into multilevel hierarchies. Dashboards and reports can be configured to show a specific view of the hierarchy or by arbitrary labels.

be.Analyzer’s performance analysis also provides comprehensive information for users to detect bottlenecks. Results can be filtered by branch, department, or user to better understand traffic behavior and increase knowledge about application usage.

Why Teldat?

be.Analyzer allows a multivendor environment, with collection and analysis of streams from devices like Teldat and many other leading vendors.

Its business-oriented interface means that all users, not just technical specialists, can easily obtain the information they need.

Manufacturing – Pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceutical industry globalization increases dependence on data infrastructure


The pharmaceutical industry is globalizing; two significant drivers are global clinical trials to gain a broader and more diverse participant base, and expansion into less-saturated developing markets. However, this creates the challenge of connecting a global network of employees, researchers, clinicians, customers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturing sites to foster collaboration. Globalization necessarily means a heavier reliance on Internet data transmission, creating new risks from poor web performance, and inadequate end-user experience, and often, the resulting regulatory slow-downs.

  Mitigating these risks requires monitoring of new implementations, checking migrations, and obtaining full visibility into the network status. NTA allows users to achieve these goals.


Teldat’s be.Analyzer is a fully cloud-managed SaaS service, meaning zero scaling, maintenance, or upgrade concerns in these rapidly-changing globalization scenarios. Teldat keeps be.Analyzer secure and ready for operation without limits or interruptions. There’s availability for deployment in a private cloud for pharmaceutical manufacturers with special service providers, multi-tier, and multi-tenant architecture design.

be.Analyzer is a powerful, interactive, and agile tool for real-time and historical network data analysis. Users can freely design unlimited Dashboards and Reports, and also configure alarms for network situations that require attention. It provides easily-understood and visually appealing information and insights for all needs, timed well for efficient network operation.

Why Teldat?

be.Analyzer provides very detailed Level 7 analysis as necessary for HTTP or HTTPS application traffic. Yet it is easily deployed and very business focused, with a user-friendly interface that provides easily understood, valuable information to the entire enterprise – not just the IT or communications department.

Multisite supermarkets retail networking

Supermarket chains with high store counts and large, complex data networks require powerful network management tools


A large supermarket chain will comprise at least one corporate headquarters, several distribution centers, and hundreds of retail stores. Fast, reliable communications across such large, distributed, and complex estates are essential, for activities like managing web-based purchases, transferring stock between stores, and customer loyalty schemes. Stores’ sales data must be available to headquarters for stock control, insights, and analysis.

Users must not only manage retail tasks like optimizing large numbers of remotely deployed lines, but also administer the network itself, through applying rules across all the branches. Equally, they must check user behavior, ensuring that each department only runs applications suitable to their role.


Users can create Dashboards and share them with colleagues, in editing or view-only mode, add widgets based on analytics, and generate KPIs enriched with text, images or external websites. Complement all this with an editing capability up to six layers deep. Stay current with periodic refresh options, with opportunities of exporting reports.

be.Analyzer provides a complete view of office status, from link quality to employee productivity. It enriches data in real time, showing who, when and where all devices are connected, recognizing security-critical connections like phishing or spyware, and non-productive applications like social networks.

Why Teldat?

be.Analyzer can collect and analyze streams from Teldat and multipleother leading vendors’ devices. It can process traffic flows in all major protocols.

be.Analyzer is not just easy to deploy, but also easy to use. Its business-oriented vocabulary is informative to all users, not just technicians.

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