SDE-20K series are a set of devices to build next generation SD-WAN networks. These devices are the datacenter edge device solution for high demanding requirements scenarios, providing a turn-key solution encompassing both hardware and software, seamless integrated with Teldat SD-WAN Controller and able to be easily onboarded with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) mechanism.
The main role of this device is as SD-WAN concentrator, supporting overlay networks from remote branches connecting to the datacenter. Any network size is supported as it scales up to 20 Gbps per device and several devices can work togheter in cluster mode.

  • SD-WAN focus
  • SDE-20K is closely integrated with CNM, the Teldat management system for SD-WAN networks, so it allows to configure and monitor the device easy and centrally.

  • Multiple WAN support
  • SDE-20K supports simultaneously different type of network access as MPLS and/or Internet broadband. Then, hybrid networks are supported with minimum cost.

  • High bandwidth
  • SDE-20K is designed to be installed in large enterprise datacenters, it supports the most demanding bandwidth scenarios

  • Several platforms
  • Starting from 4 Gbps and up to 20 Gbps, several models available to fit any customer network size.

    SDE-20K is a set of devices specially designed for SD-WAN concentration and access to datacenter resources, it provides high bandwith and high resiliance in active-active configurations, supporting the overlay both in MPLS and Internet scenarios.
    Considering the importance of the efficiency and performance in this kind of scenarios, SDE-20K is offered as a hardware plus software solution that covers high demanding requirements. Providing the full stack solution, Teldat can optimize the software to run in x86 hardware with specific physical resources.
    The flexibility to adapt to different network environments is one of the key design principles followed. With this premise, the SDE-20K is offered with 3 different configurations:  4Gbps, 10Gbps and 20Gbps (*)
    (*) Note: the figures shown consider both ways (upstream and downstream) and are dependent of the configuration and network conditions.

    Figure 1: Typical scenario

  • Large bandwidth support for corporate datacenters
  • SDE-20K is designed to be installed in large enterprise datacenters, it supports the most demanding bandwidth scenarios (4Gbps, 10Gbps and 20Gbps).

  • Integrated management with SD-WAN Controller
  • SDE-20K is closely integrated with Cloud NetManager, the Teldat management system for SD-WAN networks, so it allows to configure and monitor the device easy and centrally.

  • High availability support in active-active scenario
  • SDE-20K can be deployed in a high available architecture (active-active), and in case one of the appliances crashes, the other oner can handle all the traffic. 

  • Horizontal scalability
  • In case of network traffic increase additional devices can be added easily, Teldat Controller will coordinate them without user intervention.

  • Trusted x86 hardware for datacenters
  • SDE-20K is designed for high performance, high reliable services, using hardware based on well known x86 server platforms that guarantee the stability.

  • 4 x 10 Gbps ports
  • Hybrid networks can be solved using a single SDE-20K, providing this way a cost effective solution for any network size.

  • Easy onboarding based on ZTP mechanism
  • SDE-20K provides the automatic provisioning and configuration without technical intervention in a Teldat SD-WAN network.


    • Performance (SD-WAN encrypted traffic)
    • SDE-20000: Up to 4 Gbps
    • SDE-22000: Up to 10 Gbps
    • SDE-24000: Up to 20 Gbps
    • Redundant power supply
    • Duplicate power supply in all models
    • Optical ethernet connections
    • 4 x 10 Gbps
    • SFP port
    • Connections (from left to right)
    • eth0 - Interface to internal local area network
    • eth1 - Interface to wide area network WAN #1
    • eth2 - Interface to wide area network WAN #2
    • Dimensions
    • 1U (68.3x48.2x4.28cm)


    • Management
    • Centrally managed using Teldat SD-WAN management platform
    • Easy device onboarding and config. from CNM templates
    • Operating system lifecycle management from management plarform
    • Network Architecture
    • Network overlay based on DMVPN with standard IPSec and AES encryption
    • Internet and MPLS WAN access and control in each device
    • BGP/OSPF routing protocols supported for internal LAN routing
    • Application routing
    • Application Based Routing, using IPSLA to monitor the network status.
    • Network information to take traffic decisions: delay, jitter, loss
    • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for application routing up to level 7
    • Security
    • DMVPN based overlay to isolated customer network from WAN networks
    • VRFs in each WAN and LAN interface.
    • Standard IPSec with state of the art encryption
    • SD-WAN Quality of Service
    • Four priority levels (Real-Time, High, Medium and Low)
    • Per application guaranteed Bw allocation in case of congestion
    • Per application rate limit
    • High Availability
    • Cluster based architecture in active-active mode


    • Teldat Reverse Traffic Steering (TRTS)
    • Cutting edge solution to minimize tunnels number in SD-WAN scenarios

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