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Cloud Net Manager Base

Cloud Net Manager Base

Teldat Management Platform

Cloud Net Manager is the definitive management tool for Teldat networks because of its extensive range of possibilities, perfect integration with Teldat network devices, and simplicity of use. Managing an extensive corporate network is a critical task, because the network maintained by any company or organisation is a key asset for generating business activities. In order to achieve a reliable network that provides a good user experience, the network management must provide solutions for a variety of needs:

• Tools for automation when starting up new locations.

• Bulk implementation of changes in real time.

• Proactive analysis of incidents using a system of alarms.

• Reporting of statistics, network monitoring, and viewing of traffic at the application level.

• Agile management of the database for elements included in the network.

• Reliability and security for management procedures and protocols.

• Options for operating the management in public or private clouds, guaranteeing high availability and scalability.

Lifecycle management for landline and mobile

CNM can be used for simple yet powerful management of networks based on Teldat solutions. Whether your situation involves network IP, SD-WAN, or Wi-Fi devices, CNM automatically discovers, registers, and configures the network elements. This allows implementations to take place in record time, without using up technical resources since CNM automates the entire process. After the initial implementation, CNM monitors the status of the network using powerful, configurable dashboards, and it also provides alarms that can be defined based upon multiple parameters. If it becomes necessary to make adjustments or changes to the network, CNM facilitates updating of the software and bulk replication of the configurations, throughout the entire system or just a portion of it. Since some Teldat network devices are able to contain applications related to the network (proxies, accelerators, probes, NAS, etc.), CNM also lets you manage these applications and their lifecycles (installation, updating, backup/restoration, and uninstallation).

Optimization, security, and reliability

CNM is available in service mode for fast and easy multi-client operation that also provides savings on infrastructure and maintenance costs, or else as a product installed on its own server. In both cases the connection with the network elements is reliable and secure, since it is based on https connections that are initiated from points on the network and running towards CNM. This allows the devices to be managed using dynamic addressing, behind firewalls and routers with NAT/PAT. In addition to encryption, the communication is authenticated at both ends using certificates. It is optimized using connections made every 30 seconds to send alarms in one direction and synchronization of configuration and firmware in the other direction.

A modular platform that can be adjusted to any need

CNM contains a variety of modules with specific functions. All of these modules are included in the system by default, but a use license can be requested per device, which allows adjustment to the needs of each case.

CNM Base: Includes the equipment database, firmware management, configuration synchronization, monitoring, and alarms.

CNM Provisioner: Performs remote initial configuration for devices with factory defaults (Zero Touch Provisioning, ZTP).

CNM Controller: Graphic interface for generating and controlling configuration of SD-WAN networks.

CNM Visualizer: Allows visibility of traffic at the application level.

CNM Servicer: Manages applications running on network devices in parallel with the communications software.

Key Features

    A platform for managing IP, SD-WAN, and Wi-Fi networks and applications

  • The database, monitoring, and alarms are shared for multiple types of network devices, reducing the number of management tools required.
  • Instant bulk changes

  • Includes tools for replicating configurations and importing variables from CSV files, which allows bulk changes to be made in a fast and simple manner.
  • Automatic synchronization of configurations

  • No more devices with out-of-date configurations, since changes are replicated on the network automatically and immediately. Devices can be labeled and grouped to facilitate management of large networks
  • Customizable user profiles and operations log

  • User profiles are fully configurable, allowing definition of the functions that each group of users can and cannot perform. All actions performed by all users are logged, so that tracking can be performed later.
  • Reliable and secure management

  • It does not matter whether the devices being managed are behind a firewall or have private addressing, since the management connections (based on https with certificates) are initiated on the devices. This means that these devices can always be managed, even if the addressing changes.
  • A scalable, high-availability system

  • Software architecture based on micro-services that provide high availability and scalability, using distribution of functions in a cluster of balanced servers.
  • In a public cloud or housed at a specific data center

  • Two different types of operation can be selected for the server: In a simple, immediate manner in a public cloud as software as a service (SaaS), or as a virtualized application on its own infrastructure.
  • Configurable control panels

  • Personalized views to monitor the statistics and parameters that are most useful in each case, selecting the devices and time frame of interest.

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