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Cloud Net Manager Controller

Cloud Net Manager Controller

The fastest and safest way to create and maintain SD-WAN networks

IP networks are interconnected autonomous nodes that control local decisions (defined by IP itself). Each node simply decides the next hop and, as such, is a set of individual decisions that form a large collective network. This principal is especially beneficial to shared networks such as Internet, as it allows scalable interconnection of different systems with one common aim. Said basis has been used for years to construct both public and private networks. Private networks however, have their own needs, which ‘traditional’ networks cannot fully satisfy. For example, node autonomy offers nothing to a private network and, in fact, is counterproductive, as this means generating, applying and maintaining specific configurations for each network node prompting serious drawbacks as the following shows:

• The call for specialized technical personnel to generate said configurations for the nodes.

• Time needed to deploy the configurations in the network.

• The real risk of configuration errors, given the complexity of network nodes.

• Time necessary to resolve problems, again due to the difficulties involved in node configuration and their autonomy.

• The level of difficulty and time required to apply new changes throughout the network.

• Customer dependency on their network provider, given that node configuration is highly specialized and proprietary.



Teldat CNM Controller centralizes SDWAN network configuration and control

SD-WAN networks came about as a new network architecture specifically aimed at private networks and, unlike traditional IP networks, do not resolve the interconnection of the ‘islands’. Instead, they construct a single network, where nodes do not call for autonomous configuration as the network configuration is globally defined in single centralized SD-WAN ‘Controller’ software. The task of this SD-WAN Controller is to handle network control and run the nodes adjusting them to the global behavior of the defined network. The effort of defining the network, the generation of configurations and change replication, is consequently reduced as only this SD-WAN Controller intervenes (not the individual nodes).

Teldat CNM Controller simplifies network management

The SD-WAN CNM Controller substitutes individual configuration of devices for a single point, where the network is defined, and automatically generates a configuration for all points. Furthermore, the focus on SDWAN scenarios means automatic generation without network administration intervening on the main blocks making up the configuration. The administrator therefore, simply needs to enter the required data to adapt to its particular scenario in a graphic and intuitive interface to cover all needs.

Integration with other SD-WAN tools

This SD-WAN Controller is a Teldat “Cloud Net Manager” (CNM) management platform, which integrates seamlessly with the rest of the software elements contained within in CNM. Consequently, any configurations and changes over the SD-WAN CNM Controller interface are immediately and automatically applied to the network, as well as new devices, which, thanks to the CNM Provisioner, are auto-provisioned.

Key Features

    Graphic and intuitive user interface

  • Instead of dealing with complicated command interfaces or web configurations, this SD-WAN Controller is an application based on simple and reusable modules that presents user friendly information in high level structures. Wizards are available for guidance through the more complex or repetitive processes.
  • Complexity abstraction

  • Complexity abstraction The SD-WAN CNM Controller automatically generates the basic configuration structures. Parameters, which define the scenario, are entered to generate all element configurations in such a way that the intervention of an expert in networking is made redundant.
  • Full integration with CNM Controller

  • CNM Controller enables an agile design of the network and translates the network characteristics into device configurations for the different locations. CNM Provisioner is integrated with the CNM Controller to enable “one click” configuration deployment using devices from scratch.
  • Easy provision of new services

  • The SD-WAN CNM Controller simplifies the addition or modification of services, reducing this task to just a few clicks, so the system automatically generates the orders for the network devices.
  • Automatic replication in 1000s of branch offices

  • Branch office data can be readily imported from CSV files, the corresponding device automatically deploying the generated configurations depending on the serial number.
  • Integration with the Teldat Cloud Net Manager management platform (CNM)

  • CNM Controller integrates with other modules in CNM (such as CNM Base) to automatically synchronize configurations generated in this SD-WAN Controller and CNM Provisioner for network devices. Moreover, these also support the installation and configuration of new plug and play devices.
  • In a public cloud or residing in own data center

  • The server can choose between two exploitation possibilities: simply and effortlessly in either the public cloud (SaaS for example) or as a virtualized application in your own infrastructure.

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