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Extend the functionality of your
router to the Cloud

A set of powerful Linux and Open Source Applications that run in the Atlas-i60 second core multiplying its power and turning it into a unique platform

Market Overview

The first question that we should ask ourselves if it makes sense to run applications on an Access Router. Already some enterprise-grade access routers are starting to incorporate features such as advanced firewalling, IDS, anti-virus, etc.

But normally, if those features are enabled, the routing performance drops drastically, because they share the CPU and software stack with the networking routing and the CPU is not dimensioned to support these extra features. On the other hand, running them on an external equipment doesn’t scale well in terms of cost, since for most of the branch offices, this solution is far beyond their needs.

Under this scope, the Atlas-i60 and its suite of applications, definitely is an effective solution for the branches that need some basic features or performance provided by an external appliance, but do not need to pay for premium features or for the hardware platform that support these.


The Atlas-i60 and its suite of applications, conform a unique solution for branch offices which may have special needs, but are not willing to pay an extra cost for oversized resources. Of course, per-application and per-customer analysis is required to understand if the Atlas-i60 can support a specific application for a specific customer.

It will depend on each customer’s requirements and the CPU power and memory size required to meet those specific requirements. Still this is a solution that allows customers to get exactly what they need, at a fraction of the cost.



  • Enhanced security is one of the main needs in many small branches, but the high cost and complexity of dedicated appliances prevent the effective implementation since most of the times exceed the real needs. The security apps of the Atlas-i60, deliver an extra level of added security, enough for the needs of a branch office, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Wan Optimization

  • Many small offices are in remote locations in which the communication infrastructure maximum bandwidth might not be enough to support the needs for services such as those that require real time video. Being able to manage this issue, so that all branch offices of an organization may have access to the same corporate services, is one of the main needs of many companies, that can be easily solved with Atlas-i60 and its suite of WAN Optimization Applications.
  • Management

  • When there is a very high number of branch offices, to have the exact knowledge of what is happening to guarantee perfect connectivity throughout the corporate network, is an extremely important need. The applications that can be embedded in the Atlas-i60, can give full visibility and control of the traffic flow of the branch office and a lot of valuable information about configurations, devices and user behaviour.
  • Small Office Adaptability

  • Space, energy and ease simplification are very valued in branch offices, so they get great benefit from integrating in one single device as much functionality as possible. Adding full voice services, or the capabilities to record calls, or video to the branch router can avoid extra equipment and complexity.
  • Customized Applications

  • There is always the need for a special feature or functionality that can´t be found in the features of the router or in any other device. Applications can be developed by users and run in the Atlas-i60, according to their specific needs.


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