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Cloud services begin in your office

A dual core broadband Wi-Fi router that allows to run a set of applications that facilitate the path to cloud services, without decreasing communication speed.

Market Overview

Several key factors are affecting the way enterprises plan and deploy their communications networks, and one of them is the Cloud Computing model which has changed the way in which people and companies work and has also changed what is required from the WAN. There´s a lot of noise regarding the implications of the cloud computing adoption on the enterprise for the branch office access router, and whether if it is not contradictory to deploy a “smarter” access broadband Wi-Fi router when the cloud computing model moves all the intelligence to the cloud.

For sure, both still have a long way to go, since the shift to the all-in-the-cloud scenario will not take place in the short term and there are many applications and features that need some local intelligence. So it seems to make sense that the more they interact and complement each other, the more value they can deliver to the branch office IT infrastructure.


Teldat proposes an innovative but safe path for the evolution of the branch office access broadband Wi-Fi router, the Atlas-i60. With this router, corporations and carriers can face these new challenges with confidence and flexibility, in a rapidly changing environment.

The Atlas-i60 enterprise branch office access broadband Wi-Fi router, has a second processing core that embeds an open Linux server, so it conforms a “Cloud Edge Router” in which the customer can run applications. These applications can be developed by Teldat, by third parties or by the customer itself, offering a really open platform with no lock-in threats for the customer.

This Cloud Edge Router is complemented with Cloud NetManager, a cloud-based services platform to manage all the router functions and the applications that run on the embedded Linux server.


    Simple deployment, management and recovery

  • The branch office infrastructure is difficult to manage and support due to the high number of sites and lack of local resources. Atlas-i60 allows to remotely configure all services and apps and can backup (either in Cloud or onsite) a virtual image of equipment which can be automatically reloaded into the same equipment or another, to recover full functionality within minutes.
  • Cost efficiency regarding two different equipments

  • In small offices or remote sites (for example ATMs), space, energy and cost are important facts that have to be considered carefully. The processing power of the second core cannot equal a specific server, but most of the times these servers and also the applications are over dimensioned for the needs of a small branch, so the option of an embedded server is worth it in terms of cost, energy and space.
  • Independent of the communications stack

  • For many customers, as those in finance for which the speed of transactions is a key issue, communications performance is a must. Since the Linux server runs on one of the CPU cores, independently of the networking stack (CIT) that runs on the other core, the load of each core does not affect the other one. So, the routing performance of the Atlas-i60, as a router, is not affected by the applications run in the Linux server side and vice versa.
  • Open Linux Platform for easy app development

  • An important insurance company which acquired Altlas-i60 for their branch offices, developed their own VoIP System using an open code application, and saving a huge amount of money in PBX equipment. This is because the second core uses a standard Linux distribution on the embedded server of the router. It also uses a public cloud service and, whenever possible, standard-based procedures on the cloud operation (REST). The cloud service is based on APIs and can be easily moved to other cloud platforms, public or private. In this way, t he customers can be confident with the adoption of our proposal.
  • Specific value proposition for vertical markets

  • The Atlas-i60 access router was the first member of the Teldat product line to support this innovative concept. A concept that allows our company to keep delivering value to different vertical sectors with specific needs, such as Financial Entities, Retail, Transportation (with onboard applications and connectivity) or Utilities.

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Cloud Management Platform

Case Study

Teldat Atlas-i60 was deployed by one of the top five banks in Spain as a branch router, because of its embedded server which has applications with cloud management. Applications such as web cache to optimize bandwidth or video proxy.

Key Product Features

  • Powerful hardware architecture for services >100Mbps
  • Router and server in together in one device
  • Double Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Three extension slots
  • 8xFE switch with PoE option
  • HDD available
  • Security: 802.1X, ACLs, Firewall & IPSec
  • Advanced services (routing, management, QoS)
  • Specific 19 inch rack format
  • Consola port for out-of-band management


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