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Teldat SD-WAN Products

How it works

The Teldat SD-WAN solution allows customers to gradually migrate from a traditional access device to a fully operative SD-WAN network. Because our architectural solution is based on individually licensed products, customers can configure customized solutions to meet their specific needs and transition plan. The addition of an enormous variety of interfaces with Teldat edge devices providing the underlay, has produced a unique and flexible SD-WAN solution at the same time as being powerful yet scalable: a true bonus for our customers. 

Moreover, Teldat has just relaunched a new version of its SD-WAN solution called CNMv3, which has a new modern interface for users and it has an improved responsive screen, that adapts perfectly to different screen types and sizes. Additionally, the core computing is new and based on microservices. This offers Teldat’s SD-WAN solution a higher level of availability and scalability.

A Northbound API has been included to enable the integration of external platforms and their management within the SD-WAN network, including registration, modifications, queries and withdrawls of devices, users, groups, etc. Another important new feature of Teldat’s SD-WAN platform CNMv3, is the ability to now manage the network based on a new the concept, projects. So the client can establish different networks within it’s SD-WAN software platform, enabling the devices and templates of each project to work independently.

Teldat SD-WAN Products

Cloud Net Manager Base (CNM Base)

The CNM Base software platform with its new CNMv3, includes all the improvements mentioned above. As before, it also concentrates network intelligence, supports a management channel for each remote device and admits real time configuration updating. The SD-WAN CNM Base, with the network devices, guarantees first layer management service and configuration synchronization, delegating advanced services to other software modules that execute on the same platform. Services include autoprovision, graphic high level network control, application visibility or management of third party applications over the network devices. The CNM Base is highly available and scaled to support a large number of nodes and able to execute in a public cloud or be installed in a private Data Center. 



Cloud Net Manager Provisioner (CNM Provisioner)

The CNM Provisioner enables devices to guarantee reliability and security for the CNM Base communication channel so modifications executed in the Base activate automatically and globally thus configurations can be replicated or sent to all network devices. The SD-WAN CNM Provisioner establishes a safe connection based on certificates, authenticated at both ends to prevent phishing, and subsequently creates a communications channel, which is not only authenticated but also encrypted to prevent third parties intercepting or modifying information. 

Cloud Net Manager Visualizer (CNM Visualizer)

The CNM Visualizer, a CNM module, provides full visibility on traffic and applications using network. Network devices gather and send real time traffic information to the Visualizer, which stores, processes and diplays information providing a full analysis on network use at the application level (7 OSI layer). Network devices therefore have to analyze traffic content, up to OSI layer 7, to obtain information on the applications (DPI Deep Packet Inspection). One of the advantages of Teldat's DPI is the impact on CPU consumption is practically negligible compared to other solutions, which require oversized hardware, and contribute to significant increases in cost compared to our solution. 



Cloud Net Manager Controller (CNM Controller)

Unlike traditional WAN networks (configured through command lines, device to device), networks defined through software are centrally managed from a control plane to simplify network configuration, provisioning and settings. The SD-WAN CNM Controller, a Cloud Net Manager module residing between the administrator and the network, executes this role and provides the administrator with a simple and intuitive graphic interface that defines the network. This graphic interface has now been improved with the relaunch of CNMv3, mentioned in the first section of this web page.The interface also specifies the access networks available for connectivity, lists the services/applications that require differentiation, detail the SLAs to be accomplished and finally states the policies that relate the services/applications to SLAs and connectivity. On the network side, the SD-WAN Controller integrates with the CNM Base, which automatically distributes and deploys configuration information to all network nodes. 

Cloud Net Manager Servicer (CNM Servicer)

Teldat's SD-WAN network contains new generation devices able to execute over the same network applications at the same time as communications, without impacting performance. This is thanks to our CPU dual core hardware architectures with independent processing environments. The SD-WAN network provides other features such as web or video traffic acceleration, security, NAS, image repositories, etc. Apart from reducing and rationalizing hardware elements, said architecture allows for advanced management of network elements, their applications and life cycle, including monitoring, backup and automatic restoration for substitute devices and updates. All these tasks are carried out by the SD-WAN CNM Servicer


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