mmWave: the real asset of 5G

mmwave-5g-technology-fwaEvery day, we are becoming more and more familiar with 5G. The technology, which only a year ago was just beginning to be deployed as a promising novelty – an opportunity to open a Pandora’s box of new innovations, applications and businesses –, is now on everybody’s lips at “coffee talks” to plan what to do in our new, fully connected world.


EMMB, MMTC & URLLC, the three scenarios of 5G

5G-emmb-mmtc-urllc-fwa-smart-grid-automotive5G cellular networks have become far more popular thanks to the new uses they can provide to public services and industrial segments. The current technological context is key for the implementation of 5G architecture, based on SDN / SD-WAN – Software Defined Network, NFV – Network Function Virtualization or MEC – Multi-Access Edge Computing technologies.