Starting afresh

start 2016A new year begins once more. Two things can happen when we review the figures for the previous year: the results may be good or we have not achieved the expectations set at the beginning of the year. In both cases, everything must start again from scratch and you can start to feel a little unsettled by the prospect of the uncertainty of what lies down the line. If we did well, we lose that safety net sensation that the results give us. And if we did badly, then we look to the New Year for change and encouraging results.

At Teldat, we come under the first case. The year that is departing has left us with a very good set of results, reflecting the three consistently upheld tenets of our President: Perseverance in abundance, lots of talent and unlimited hard work. If we add to this a knack for knowing how to be in the right place at the right time (which some put down to luck and others to experience), then the results are not only good but also well-deserved.

And now we have to start over, with that familiar start-of-the-year-feeling that makes us wonder whether we will be able to do it again. “Yes” can be the only answer to this question and we must start now by writing down the results of the coming year. And the only way to conquer our fear of the blank page is to write a series of workable goals with the same level of enthusiasm and effort as every year.

We have the following objectives for 2016:

  1. The first concerns the most important part of our company: our Customers. And here we emphasize the word Customers because (although it’s true that in our market it’s not companies that have customers but rather the supposed customers that have suppliers) a key feature of Teldat’s success and an essential feature of our business model is our involvement in the projects undertaken by the parties using our technology. That is why we can consider them Customers (in the traditional sense) and one of our objectives, the first and most important of them, is to work with our customers and for them on a continual basis with the same dedication.
  2. The second has to do with technology, the soul of our company: 2016 will undoubtedly be the year of consolidation for the new products developed and launched in 2015 (Cloud Management, Wi-Fi, be.IP, SD-WAN) and for new product launches (On-Board, Industrials/Utilities, new cloud applications), many of them aimed at solving the complex needs of our customers in specific vertical sectors.
  3. The third concerns our company, its business growth and scope. It’s a long time since we left Spanish borders and started expanding Teldat’s international business (with the incorporation of our German branch). During this time we have expanded into more than thirty-five different countries and operate on four out of five continents. But that is not enough. This year we intend to go even further; to increase our penetration in some of those markets, for us still emerging, and to be recognized as the global supplier that we already are, even though we don’t have as many means as some of our competitors to trumpet the news.

These are our guidelines for the coming year to be reviewed in a little under a year, when we expect to achieve, at the very least, a similar set of results to the year now past right.

We would like to wish all our readers a very happy 2016. For Teldat, the year ahead gives us another chance to get it right.

2015, a successful year for Teldat

christmas 20162015 has been a very special year for Teldat. The year in which we have celebrated our company’s 30th Anniversary, since its start up to what it is today, becoming the European technology leader in advanced communication platforms for corporate environments.

During these thirty years we have participated in the amazing technological evolution of communications. Although every year seems to have key points which are reached, perhaps this year has been very important. Huge steps have been taken in important markets such as the German market, in the ISDN shutdown and convergence to Full IP and in this convergence to IP Teldat has become a benchmark with its technology in main Carriers. We have also participated with our partners in this technological transformation by attending events such as The Broadband World Forum in London.

However, convergence to Full IP, has not been the only important change in the technological evolution during 2015. There have been many more, such as the development of smart grids throughout the Electricity market, which has been huge. We are not only led to think this of smart grids due to our daily activity within this market, but also our presence at the EUTC 2015 in Dublin was extremely satisfying.

To end this year we want to thank all of our readers for their loyalty and interest, as well as welcoming all new followers who have joined our communication channels.

We especially want to wish everyone -those of you who read us occasionally and all of our customers and friends- a very merry Christmas, and may 2016 be as interesting for you as this year 2015 has been for us.

New networks, new services and new ways of working

millenialsAt the Broadband World Forum, the telecoms operator event attended by Teldat last week, a recurring theme was the development of new networks and services that will allow network operators to continue providing differentiated value to companies. Network operators are at the risk of becoming mere utilities on which third parties provide value services (Over the Top model). This is a threat to both their competitive model and net profit since, in such a scenario, their services would become undifferentiated, implying much lower margins.

How can this situation be avoided?

The only way forward is to adapt their networks and services to meet the demands of new users, which in the environment we work in today are the companies and their workers.

Seventy-five percent of the labor force in 2020 will be made up of the so-called “Millennials”; those persons born between 1985 and 2000, approximately. Several socioeconomic characteristics differentiate this generation from others, but we are concerned with those relating to their use of technology and their conception of the company, ways of working and their demands as employees.

  1. They are technology. They cannot conceive life without a permanent connection giving them instant access to information and people. And even though smartphones weren’t even around in 1980, they are perfectly able to handle all kinds of devices and technology which they use to stay in touch with others, work online and even search for jobs. It is not a way of working or relating but rather a way of life based on immediacy.
  2. Being able to access information immediately has allowed them to develop a need to investigate and search for information, an undeniable asset with huge growth potential for the companies employing them. They have a higher critical sense and they are capable of forming their own opinions and sharing them with others.
  3. Their concept of the company and employment is different. On the one hand they are flexible and creative professionals, but they are also extremely impatient as they are used to getting everything immediately. They get frustrated when they do not achieve their goals or when denied something, thus making them highly demanding professionals. For this reason, companies wishing to retain these professionals, mainly highly educated university students, will have to change in order to accommodate their needs. Key strategies include creating a motivating environment, being more flexible and offering them projects likely to bring short-term results.

This clearly is one of the most educated generations with the most potential in history. So the question arises: what can telecoms do to respond to their demands, and so that all that potential gets turned into real productivity for the companies employing them?

For three days we have taken part in one of the telecommunications sector’s biggest events, which has discussed the future of such topics as network virtualization, the evolution of fixed access, broadband on mobile phones and network intelligence. All with one goal: to create better networks that meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s users. And this is an objective with which we strongly identify, since it is the same goal that has guided Teldat since its founding.

The last third of 2015

bienvenida de TeldatIn the run up to the last third of 2015, Teldat would like to take this opportunity to write a few words to first of all, welcome back those who may have taken a mid-year break lately and are getting back to their day to day activity. Moreover, this moment of time is also a perfect opportunity to look into what is left from now until the end of 2015.

We have commented on various occasions before, that 2015 is being a very special year. As far as Teldat is concerned, not only because it is our 30th anniversary, but also because coincidently, it is the period in which we would see the successful accomplishments of many planned investments and projects, to offer differentiation and value added for all those related to Teldat. To date we have been seeing these fulfillments.

However, 2015 has still not finished by no means. The last four months are pending for which we all need to maintain, or even increase that “strength, enthusiasm and ambitiousness” that our introductory post to the year indicated. We will need these characteristics to make sure that we all accomplish our goals and build on what has been achieved to date.

Of course, from the perspective of our blog we will continue to publish posts from our bloggers to add to the differentiation and added value that we mentioned above.

All the best from now until the end of 2015!

30 years of the Internet, which are 30 years of Teldat

30 aniversarioThe first commercial internet domain name was registered on the 16th March, 1985: It belonged to a computer manufacturer created from a division of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT that specialized in making LISP machines. To put things into perspective, Microsoft registered its domain name in 1993 and America Online, the largest Internet service provider at the time, did so in 1995, the same year as Amazon.

Teldat, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, was founded on the 5th May, 1985, only a few weeks after the first domain name was registered. This is no coincidence, mind you, because the history of Teldat is tied to the Internet and the communications networks. Its purpose was to seek the most efficient way of ensuring network access to all of those who already understood this to be the way forward. That the future was to be found in the enormous opportunities opening up in terms of the sharing of information, knowledge and work.  That future that we have achieved 30 years later with a mixture of humility, hard work and perseverance.

These past few days we have celebrated an anniversary that, for us, is very important because our present situation predicts a promising future.   Over the past 30 years, we have become a powerful multinational group present in five continents, designing from our offices in Madrid and Nuremberg, for our customers: major companies, institutions and operators worldwide. We have learnt valuable lessons from all of our customers. And each of them have given us something to be thankful for. Their trust and support have helped us get to where we are today. These have been exciting years, with extremely rapid developments in which we’ve witnessed the disappearance of many of the companies that were with us from the outset, like the visionary Symbology, the first to register an Internet .com domain name.

Our task now is to make that impending future a reality once more, just as we did in 1985. We have always considered the technological design process to be an art form, so for us this is our art. And if cutting-edge art is expressed in the form of new materials, bold approaches and innovative ways of sharing beauty, for Teldat, cutting-edge technology starts with information sharing, since this is the engine that drives the knowledge-based society in which we live today. This is exactly Teldat’s goal: to create, for the knowledge-based society and its members, the most technologically advanced platforms allowing for more efficient communication between companies and their users.

…and a new year starts

teldat logoA year that has a very special meaning for Teldat, because during 2015 we will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our company’s establishment.

Thirty years in which we have been participants in the amazing technological evolution of communications, from the first modems to the latest 4G products. Thirty years that have led us from our very first small office (similar to some famous garage start-ups) to four continents, competing with global leaders. Thirty years that we have shared with our team, suppliers and customers, with whom we also hope to share the celebration of such a special birthday.

It will also be an important year because it’s the year in which we will see the successful accomplishment of many projects, investments and initiatives, which we have been working on during these last few years, and especially in 2014. Moreover, also because if the forecasts are reached, this year should be better than previous years. Not only for us, but for everyone and this will be very good news.

That’s why we commence 2015 with strength, enthusiasm and ambitiousness. In fact nothing very different from what we have always done at the beginning of each year, during the last thirty…