SD-WAN and flextime or teleworking

sdwanTechnologies such as SD-WAN provide reliable technical solutions for companies and their employees in the new business paradigm of teleworking or flextime.


Pablo Esteve: Computer Engineer and PDD from IESE. At Teldat, he is part of the sales team working as Territorial Director for Catalonia, Levante, the Balearic Islands and the Murcia region.

SD-WAN technology for SME’s. Can it be applied?

digital transformationThe SME (Small and Medium Business) sector is in the midst of a digital transformation and, therefore, immersed in constantly changing applications and a continuous evolution of private communications networks through the Internet., Hence the introduction of SD-WAN technology for the SME market could be precisely what is required to keep up with theseis fast-paced and complex developments.


Francisco Guerrero: Francisco Guerrero, Telecommunications Engineer, is the Head of Teldat's Product Marketing Department.

How SD-WAN can be traced back to the Clean Slate project

SD-WANWhat kind of Internet would we design today if we were to start from scratch using what we now know?
In 2007, attempts to answer this question at Stanford University [1] led to a project by networking gurus and experts to analyze the present and future of IP networks.


Marcel Gil: graduated in Telecommunication Engineering and Master in Telematics (Polytechnic University of Catalunya), is a SD-WAN Business Line Manager at Teldat.

The Internet is written in JavaScript- Latest development trends

javascriptThe most innovative trends in web development in the past few years have centered on the JavaScript language, both on the client (frontend) as well as the server side (backend). It comes as no surprise, therefore, that numerous tools are being created to facilitate the web programmer’s work, such as new Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) centered on web frameworks and libraries.


Jorge Cardenas: Jorge Cárdenas Caballero is a Computer Engineer in the Teldat R&D department. Within this department, he is specialized in SD-WAN Front-end & Back-end development.

Cloud technology’s impact and network equipment on the Cloud

Cloud technologiesNowdays many organizations increasingly look forward to using Cloud technologies and allocating their services on the Cloud. This is not only what global companies or IT companies are working on, this is what any companies are moving towards, if they are looking for a modern and suitable technical solution for their day to day transactions.


Marina Evdokimova: Network Engineer, is part of Teldat’s Operations & Services Department. Within this department she is part of the Customer Services Team.