Case Studies

Learn more on how customers are leveraging Teldat Solutions to overcome challenges and achieve amazing results.

SD-WAN deployment in a large bank

By using its be.SDx solution, Teldat has been able to migrate the installed base to SD-WAN technology, implementing the solution in 2,700 customer branches.

SD-WAN transforms a pharmacy chain’s corporate network

Teldat’s SD-WAN be.SDx solution enables the modernization of 1,100 Pharmacy branches in Mexico, providing interoperability and network traffic visibility at the application level.

Embedded Applications for Banks

Teldat Atlas i60, as an advanced technological branch router with an embedded server that manages applications, such as web cache and video proxy, whilst enabling the Bank to maintain their legacy protocol cash point machines.

Modernizing bank branches

Teldat Atlas-60, is an advanced technological branch router, as well as a switch and even a gateway for voice connections, both IP and analogue. This router is a long term investment, as it can be converted into a Teldat Atlas-i60 with an embedded server that manages applications.

Making the Net Work


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