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All businesses need WAN resilience

WAN outages hit very hard, making WAN resilience vital for all types of companies, from large corporations to small companies.

Market Overview

Before WAN resilience was a service only for large corporations to cover the disaster recovery scenario. It was very expensive and only for mission critical data.

However, now failover of communications is required by virtually any company regardless of size or type of business, because we all need 24/7 connectivity.

The consequences of being without WAN resilience is that connections between own offices, clients and suppliers is lost. Not only data connection is lost, but also ToIP!

The options during many years had been the use of an alternative carrier with double fixed line as failover. However, this is expensive, due to wiring up the site with alternative land line cable, as well as the hiring costs of the double fixed line.

That’s why the real alternative came with the introduction of cellular 3G and more so with 4G/LTE.


Teldat clearly has a long experience in working with cellular networks from when GPRS / EDGE was used. Since then Teldat has worked very closely with the largest multinational carriers. Especially those carriers which were the first to invest in 3G as back up for fixed lines.

Teldat has taken the huge advantages that 3G cellular networks brought to WAN resilience: total line independence and huge reduction of line hiring costs, to develop a totally independent device for line back up.

This product has now developed into the Teldat-4Ge. A device which connects to many fixed line routers, not only Teldat routers, but also to other manufacturers’ routers, maintaining connectivity via 4G/LTE for clients when the fixed line crashes or simply the router loses fixed line connectivity.


    Only one router

  • Many companies do not want to set up a second router for back up purposes. This can increase maintenance costs and it will definitely increase network management costs. Especially if a different operating system needs to be managed. However, installing a Teldat-4Ge means that there is only one router. The Teldat-4Ge is an external hardware device of the currently installed main line router. The Teldat-4Ge is used as a type of module installed within the current fixed line router, although it can be physically installed far away from the router.
  • Where coverage is best

  • In many cases, fixed lines routers are installed in the back end of shops, offices or other sites. These sections tend to have low or scarce 4G/LTE coverage. However, the Teldat-4Ge device is independent and although it is an external device of the fixed main line router, connecting via Ethernet to the router and having PoE, the Teldat-4Ge can always be easily installed where coverage is best.
  • Totally independent network

  • A cellular 4G/LTE connection is a totally independent network from whatever fixed line is being used. This contrasts with double fixed line connectivity for resilience, which apart from other disadvantages, the last mile tends to be the same, whether the backup line is of a different network or even if different carriers are being used. Hence, if there is a breakage in the last mile, with double fixed line resilience, the fall back line would not work in most cases.
  • Fast and economical

  • Setting up a cellular 4G/LTE network as a failover network is fast and economical. Fast in that cellular devices can be installed very quickly and cabling of network lines is not a requirement. Moreover it is economical in that 4G / LTE connections are much more economical than fixed lines.

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Case Study


Teldat’s client, one of the largest carriers in Europe / the world, needed to move to a failover line that could support the amount of broadband main line traffic.

Moreover, they needed a unique and discreet device, easy to install, that could work on PoE and be compatible with other corporate routers. Teldat-4Ge was our client’s choice.

Key Product Features

  • Incorporates mobile access to any existing set up
  • Based on standards
  • Powered over Ethernet
  • Does not need management, as it is part of the main line router.
  • One Ethernet cable is the only cable required for full installation.
  • Desktop or wall mount installation.
  • Specifically designed to be installed in offices or similar.
  • Optionally, it can run as an independent router if needed.


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