Add connectivity to any type of vehicle

Whether it’s on-board transit, public safety or any other type of vehicle, Teldat’s communication platform gives 4G/LTE connectivity.

Market Overview

Vehicles in the transit, public safety sectors and others increasingly require routers to be placed on their automotives for reliable connectivity within the bus, fire engine, ambulance, etc. and with external networks, for when these vehicles are in motion or stationed.

Installing advanced IP routers on-board can provide services for passengers as well as, fleet management, on board security, direct communication with control centers, etc. Environmental requirements within a vehicle are not easy to be met, hence manufactures of these devices have to comply to the high level standards and requirements.


Teldat has developed the Teldat H2-Automotive+ to provide advanced services on board many vehicles, such as buses. Hence this device can be classified as 3G/4G bus Wi-Fi routers, but it is also perfect for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity on board trucks, ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles among others. Indeed, in some public projects our in-vehicle router has been placed in buses and police cars within the same project.

This in-vehicle / bus router service include management and monitoring of the vehicle, security, and benefits for the passengers. On a bus for example, this device connect to the 3G/4G so that Wi-Fi has Internet connectivity on board for various reasons. The 3G/4G bus Wi-Fi router can give security to the driver / travellers, as well as Internet connectivity to these passengers as a client benefit to make the journey more pleasant.

The in-vehicle / bus router is prepared to endure the rigorous conditions that operating on board a moving vehicle demands, including harsh low and high temperatures, among others.

The Teldat H2-Automotive+ in-vehicle / bus Wi-Fi router stands out for being able to have up to three interfaces for WWAN or WLAN.

Additionally Teldat offers In-Vehicle SaaS solutions to increase the overall competitive advantage offered by Teldat. With this companies can improve both control and monitoring on board, as well as of the fleet as a whole. 


    Offer 4G/LTE connectivity for passengers

  • Passengers need connectivity to Internet whilst on any type of transportation. Whether travelling on a short urban bus route for pleasure or on the way to work. The reasons for Internet connectivity may be different, but connectivity is always a requirement and this is offered by the Teldat 3G/4G bus Wi-Fi routers.
  • More than just a panic button

  • In order to increase the safety on journeys, external panic buttons can be linked to Teldat 4G/3G bus Wi-Fi routers. Moreover, this is not only a warning to the control center that there is a security issue, because as it can be accompanied by live video precise action can be taken to eliminate the problem. Hence bus drivers' security, as well as passengers' security increases.
  • Direct connectivity with police patrol cars

  • Police patrol cars can approach buses in motion which have a current security issue on them and connect to the bus Wi-Fi and hence to the video surveillance of the moving bus, so as to see exactly what is occurring. This increases considerably efficiency of the action taken by the police authority.
  • Dual Carrier connectivity

  • With just one Teldat communication platform, a vehicle can be connected to two or three telecommunication carriers. One as the main line network and the second and third to act as a fallback network, which is automatically activated.
  • Extreme temperature solutions

  • Whether extreme high or low temperatures need to be tolerated. Teldat routers for vehicles can withstand temperatures from -30º C to +70º C (-20º F to 160º F). This is essential because not all world regions have mild climates.

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Teldat H2-Automotive+ & In-vehicle SaaS solution

Case Study

Teldat H1-Automotive+ was set up by a North American public transit company on their fleet of buses to offer both passengers and staff bus Wi-Fi for secure on-board communications, using LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi, QoS, VPN and GPS based location services, including Geo-Fence.

Case Study

A public transit company, operating bus routes in Florida (USA), installed H1-Automotive+ on their buses to offer bus Wi-Fi 802.11n with LTE to make traveler experience more pleasant and convenient, as well as having separate bus Wi-Fi (client & access point) for staff to transmit video and data, permitting QoS, VPN and GPS.

Key Product Features

  • High throughput with dual 4G/LTE simultaneous connections
  • 4G/LTE Dual SIM capacity from different operators.
  • 2 x 802.11n Wi-Fi modules. Fallback or increase capacity
  • Optimized mechanical / hardware design for in-vehicle
  • Handles voltage peaks for large life span & low MTBF
  • Link aggregation, load-balance & application continuity
  • Platform for multiple secured and isolated services
  • Embedded standard-based GPS for 3rd party applications
  • Position-based dynamic behavior
  • Advanced troubleshooting, fine-tuning & cloud-based
  • 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11n, GB Ethernet, serial and USB
  • Capable of handling many applications on each vehicle
  • High & low temperature. -30º to +70ºC (-20º to 160º F)


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