Colibri NetManager (CNM) is a tool to globally manage Teldat devices from a central location. The solution is available as both a cloud and virtualized on-premise deployment, and offers a range of flexible licensing options to allow remote device management. 

It adapts perfectly to individual clients, SMEs, and even corporate business solutions with thousands of devices. CNM is especially interesting in that it does not require technical staff on site at client locations to start up the devices that are going to be managed since it allows for an automated network deployment. 

  • Tailor-made flexible & scalable solution
  • With Colibri in cloud mode, the client does not need its own DPC infrastructure. In virtual appliance mode, the tool is controlled by the client.

  • Minimum consumption of IT resources
  • Allows for simple and efficient automated network deployments, with an easy and quick learning cycle for IT personnel.

  • Secure connections: session encryption
  • TLS encryption and certificate authentication are used to ensure secure management sessions with remote devices. 

  • Cloud service using Microsoft
  • High cavailability (99% SLA)  Azure cloud service. Requires < 5 kbps/average broadwidth device every 30 seconds (configurable period).

    Figure 1: Integral management tool

    Figure 2: Centralized management in different scenarios

  • Cloud or virtual appliance (VA) solution
  • Cloud mode only requires an http/https connection to the service on the public network. With virtual appliance mode, a hypervisor (compatible with CNM virtualizations) must be installed at the client location.

  • Scalable licensing system by device/application
  • Cloud mode, allows for device management through one, three or five year licenses including support. VA mode requires permanent licenses which are activated upon client virtualization. 

  • Barch template and operation application to groups
  • Devices can be filtered according to labels or classified into groups in order to perform immediate or scheduled operations such as mass configuration and software changes. 

  • Monitoring, analysis and SNMP/e-mail alerts
  • Colibri NetManager reports any issues or problems detected by the devices in its dashboard and allows you to set thresholds that trigger the sendind of SNMP/e-mail alarms to a service center. 

  • Remote/local access to the tool from GUI
  • All that Colibri NetManager users need to use the tool and exploit its features is a browser. The tool is compatible with most of the browsers on the market today. 

  • Device configuration history
  • Colibri NetManager maintains a configuration log so you can compare the current running configuration to a previous version. It notifies any differences and allows you to reverse any changes that have been made. 

  • Global network dashboard, per group or device
  • Displays network status information for all devices (network alerts, devices without access, maps, device inventory) or for individual (CPU, memory connection status, specific alarms, connected clients, etc.)

  • Task monitoring and logging (audits)
  • The tasks that are run are recorded in a log which contains the result of each task. There is also an audit that record user actions. 

  • Fully definable user profiles and group
  • The definition of user profiles with certain privileges and access levels allows you to offer differente types of services to network administrators; configuring, monitoring, adding/removing, troubleshooting, etc. 

  • Standard hypervisors for VA mode
  • Virtual appliance mode consists of two virtual machines: DB and application. These can be used in standard hypervisors like: VMWare ESXi (?5.1) or Citrix XenServer (?6.0).


    • HW requirements for 5000 devices
    • Virtual Machine 1: 1TB HD, 4 X CPUs >2 GHz, 16 GB RAM
    • Virtual Machine 2: 64 GB HD, 2 x CPUs >2 GHz, 8 GB RAM




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