In-Vehicle SaaS Solutions

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Teldat’s SaaS product suite for mobile environments completes Teldat’s transport solution, offering companies a range of tools to improve both control and monitoring of in-vehicle communication quality and user services.

The number of vehicles offering Internet connectivity is rising; so contracting solutions that allow personnel and passengers to enjoy on-board Internet access, while guaranteeing safe browsing and installing tools able to track vehicles and monitor the received signal strength along vehicle routes, will help companies optimize their operations and deliver improved user experiences.

Teldat provides three SaaS solutions to deliver a complete Wi-Fi solution for your fleet. With this, you can offer a captive portal in your vehicles, filter browsing content and block malware threats. You can also remotely monitor all your devices, tracking their location and obtaining information on the received signal qualit

In-Vehicle SaaS Solutions

CNM Mobility

Teldat CNM is the software platform that allows you to globally manage all your Teldat devices from a central location. When combined with Teldat’s CNM Mobility license, it lets you both track the vehicles in your fleet and monitor signal quality along vehicle routes. The vehicle location data and connectivity information obtained along all your routes can be very useful for making decisions, and complementing this, you can get alerts and reports that provide details on coverage and other connectivity-related parameters along routes. Teldat CNM Mobility also lets you control data usage for the SIM cards in the devices. 



Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo

Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo is a flexible tool that allows you to offer Wi-Fi to your customers in a quick, simple and safe way. Moreover, thanks to its simple to use web management tool, you can customize the solution to your needs, since it allows you to: design the home page, change the access method (social network access, with or without credentials, self-registration with SMS or email validation, etc.), redirect to a specified web page, etc. Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo also allows you to customize the browsing experience and conduct targeted marketing campaigns based on user characteristics.

Lastly, Teldat’s solution allows you to conduct statistical analysis on network usage and generate reports, thus providing companies with a complete picture of their network users.  

Teldat be.Safe Smart

The Teldat be.Safe Smart filtering tool allows your users to surf the web safely and securely. For this, the tool provides the ability to adapt Internet filtering policies using blacklists and whitelists that authorize or block access to certain websites. It is a simple, easy to configure tool that also enables you to set up different filtering options depending on multiple profiles. 

This helps ensure that users connected to your network are not able to access inappropriate web content (pornography, illegal downloads, etc.) and allows you to limit access to websites that incur high data usage charges. The tool also performs traffic analysis and allows you to create reports, as each time a user tries to access a blocked page, the event is registered.

Furthermore, be.Safe Smart can help to strengthen your network security, as it allows you to block more serious threats like ransomware, viruses, botnets, trojans, etc.

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