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5G: How it will change our lives

Jul 18, 2017

5g technologyThe advent of 5G technology signifies the start of an even more globally connected society, a completely digital society. This technology, expected to be implemented in 2020, will change the way we interact with each other and objects, allowing us to be permanently connected, both to other people, and to everyday objects like the refrigerator or car.The Internet of things boom is imminent, and depends directly on the evolution of communications networks and the arrival of 5G technologies.

Not only will 5G technology be significantly faster, another essential benefit that it offers is that of reduced latency. One of the fundamental steps for the development of the Internet of things depends on this point. The networks capacity to respond to data requests is essential.

Even so, these instant connections between servers and devices will lead to much heavier and more capable web applications. This, coupled with unlimited data rates and minimal latency, will make playing offline downloaded material from companies like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon virtually unnecessary. Cloud services will therefore be even more relevant and necessary than they are today.

Mobile connections are already an essential part of doing business across all industries. The labor market transformation, with users being afforded increased geographic and temporal flexibility, is already an undeniable fact. 5G technology, therefore, will allow companies to carry out operations beyond the limits that hitherto inhibited growth.

We can say that these types of technology have greatly impacted our society, in both good ways (for the many benefits they bring us) and bad ways. But it is also true to say that the new technologies, related to our daily lives, are (and are expected to continue) streamlining, optimizing and perfecting some of the activities that we do each day, both in our personal lives and in the workplace, making life easier and more efficient.

In our society, technological development is the fundamental motor of progress. It´s clear that this progress will largely depend on how we use and manage it. Therefore, it is more than fair to say that society itself must have an active but committed participation in its overall development and impact.

While it is scheduled for launch in 2020, the technology is not expected to reach consumers for some time after that. Despite this, the arrival of 5G will be of no surprise to Teldat; as a company at the forefront of technology and always keeping abreast of the latest technologies, Teldat will be properly prepared to face the challenges that may arise and to present appropriate solutions.


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