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A start, that is actually a boost.

Jun 3, 2014

internal_red-150x150This is the first post of our blog “Communicate with Us”. For Teldat and everyone who make up the company, this is the beginning of an important project.

Some say that the beginning of something means half the effort, but for us this is not so, as we have been striving to be the best for a long time. Hence for us, launching this blog more than a start is a boost to a project that has been alive for more than thirty years. Thirty years of development, growth and very intense work to get where we are today. This is what we want to be reflected in our first post title.

Why a boost? That’s because in recent years the company has changed considerably, and has gone from serving a local market to being present in all continents and more than thirty countries. Along this path an important number of customers, partners and collaborators have joined our project worldwide. With all of them we have the obligation of establishing active, bidirectional, fast and effective communication channels.

Teldat has a main objective that our clients and partners know what we are doing, in which direction we are heading, those issues that are of our concern, why we are experts in our field and what we can offer. Also for those who know how we work, it’s equally important for us to know what the client demands are, what problems they have and how we can help them. Indeed, this is the base of our business model, and Teldat is one of only a few technological companies in which the needs expressed by the clients are taken into consideration when planning future developments.

This is the project that we start today with this blog, which will integrate with our social media network. Through this, we hope that all those who work with us, those who trust in our company and those who don’t know us yet, will have a simple and effective way in which they can “Communicate with Us”.

To all those who read us, we want to give them through this first post our warmest welcome.

Ignacio Villaseca


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