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Cloud technology’s impact and network equipment on the Cloud

Nov 28, 2017

Cloud technologiesNowdays many organizations increasingly look forward to using Cloud technologies and allocating their services on the Cloud. This is not only what global companies or IT companies are working on, this is what any companies are moving towards, if they are looking for a modern and suitable technical solution for their day to day transactions.

The use of Cloud technologies is having a measurable impact on business: improving time to market, increasing company growth, increasing company efficiency, reducing operational costs, and lowering IT spending and IT maintenance cost. And there are many reasons why the cloud solution leads to a successful impact on business efficiency. It’s due to the following Cloud technology properties, which are explained below.

1. Flexibility: business requirements on bandwidth are growing and Cloud based service can instantly meet this demand, because of the vast capacity that remote service servers offer.

2. Automatic software updates: Cloud computing suppliers carry out the server maintenance – including security updates – themselves, saving customer’s time and resources which they can deploy on other tasks.

3. Cloud solution improves collaboration: Cloud networking increases collaboration by allowing organizations’ employees to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously, and allows colleagues to make records and receive critical updates in real time regardless of their physical location.

4. Security: when information is stored in the Cloud, data can be accessed in a secure manner no matter what happens to the physical device itself, such as a laptop.

5. Using the Cloud is independent of an organization’s size. Adopting Cloud technology allows even smaller companies to act faster than big organizations.

6. Reliability of Cloud computing: relying on cloud-based services makes complex disaster recovery plans unnecessary. Cloud computing providers take care of most of these issues and they do it faster.

7. Cloud solutions improve service accessibility. Employees can work from anywhere, as long as they have internet access. This new concept of remote working is a benefit for organizations, as it permits to reach the greater levels of productivity and has a positive impact on employees work-life balance.

8. Employees use centralized documentation: all files are stored in one central location and everyone works with one central copy.

So, by implementing cloud technologies or contracting Cloud solutions any business can easily subscribe and use computing resources like hardware, software, storage, data bases, and virtual desktops according to its needs. Imagine that not only the organization employees can get the benefits from the services located on the Cloud, but also organization network equipment. For instance, by adopting Cloud technology not only having the virtual desktops, but also routers and switches configured and supplied from the Cloud. Routers that are centralized to be managed and monitored, which is good news. By making easier network deployment and support, you are also making your business more reliable.

Teldat’s SD-WAN product provides precisely this. We have developed our own standard based platform for the network devices to be managed from the Cloud.

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