The network as the basis for Digital Transformation

digital transformationDigital Transformation uses technology to digitalize current business assets or to open new business avenues drawing on the advantages offered by ICT. This concept encompasses a much deeper change in organizations than we are used to as, for many, Digital Transformation has more to do with user experience, customer relations or the use of electronic selling channels. And yet this is only part of a process that impacts the whole organization. (more…)

Lola Miravet: Telecommunications Engineer, is the Head of Teldat’s Corporate Marketing Department.

SD-WAN has been launched

SD-WANAt the end of 2016, I remember writing in my post that we were going to enter the SD-WAN era. Well, the first Quarter of 2017 has finished and we can definitely say that the SD-WAN era has been launched! It has picked up speed considerably within the market and specially in Teldat as a company. We have introduced the SD-WAN solution on the HOME page of our website. However, there is much, much more to come in the second Quarter of 2017. (more…)

Javier García: Business Studies & Marketing. Online Marketing Manager within the Teldat Corporate Marketing department 

How much has business communications changed?

SD-WANAmazingly enough it’s only been ten years since the first iPhone was released. To look back on that first version is a fascinating experience and makes you realize just how far smartphones have come. (more…)

Marcel Gil: graduated in Telecommunication Engineering and Master in Telematics (Polytechnic University of Catalunya), is a SD-WAN Business Line Manager at Teldat.

Getting going!!

sdxcentralNow our Christmas holidays are over (which we hope all our readers thoroughly enjoyed), the moment to begin once more is upon us. It’s possible that many people at this time of year experience a certain anxiety when confronting blank sheets of paper and the inevitable doubts about the future. Particularly so if you had a good 2016 or, at least, a better year than the previous one. In Teldat, however, this anxiety translates into contained expectation for an interesting and innovative year to come for our product ranges and organization. 


Lola Miravet: Telecommunications Engineer, is the Head of Teldat’s Corporate Marketing Department.

Software defined networking solutions in remote offices

sofware defined networkToday, software-defined network technologies (SDN) can be applied to many more situations than initially thought (i.e., data processing centers) and are being used in the field of WAN to bring, over and above virtualization, resource optimization, flexibility and dynamism to the connectivity services for customers.


Francisco Navarro: Francisco Navarro, graduated in Physical Science, is a Business Line Manager working within the Marketing Department and responsible for the Teldat Corporate Routers.

SD-WAN and security implications –Part 2


sd-wan securityIn my last blog, I wrote about the origins of SD-WAN and its benefits. However, these advantages are certainly not without their challengers and threats, which all interested companies should consider when analyzing the various options offered by the market.


Eduardo Tejedor: Telecommunications Engineer, Teldat V.P. Strategic Marketing