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The telecommunications market continues to make progress in 2016

Jul 29, 2016

telecommunications marketAs we are past the half year mark for 2016, we have decided to take the opportunity to recap on what this year has meant so far for our industry.

The telecommunications market and technology are forging ahead even faster and on several fronts. A number of different factors may have had an impact on this acceleration of progress, including the new digital transformation, the incorporation of Big Data, the conversion to SD-WAN technology, or network providers and the deployment of new competitive services.

For whatever reason, the telecommunications market is evolving smoothly at present and everything appears to indicate that it will continue to develop at an ever increasing rate.

Teldat blog; the latest telecommunications industry news

We have always made every effort to be at the forefront of our sector. That means following closely the developments in communication technologies and carrying out continuous research, innovation and development of our products. Some time ago we decided to take a step further and share our wealth of knowledge and experience as a telecommunication company. Hence, the Teldat blog was born.

From the blog’s beginnings until now, we have posted interesting entries about a variety of topics related to corporate communications.

During 2016, we have continued to work on our blog, where bloggers known to Teldat have posted their articles. But we have also added some new highly motivated bloggers who add value to our communication efforts. Thanks to the large number of participating authors, we can cover highly diverse subjects, and we do so from very different perspectives which vary depending on each technician’s field of specialization.

Some of our readers may take a break over the new few weeks (or already have). But there is one thing for sure. From Teldat, we wish to thank our readers for their interest and loyalty. When you come back, we’ll be ready, reporting to our customers and followers all the latest news on a highly dynamic and constantly changing market, the telecommunications market.

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