Predictive maintenance in elevators via IoT

predictive elevator maintenance-machine-learning-ai-edge computingDuring 2021, the growth of the IoT market has stimulated the creation of new formulas for the application of this technology. Moreover, according to some analysts’ projections, the market could grow to as much as 11 trillion USD by the year 2025. To give you an idea, this figure is roughly equivalent to the combined GDP of Germany, Japan and France.


Even more changes in 2020?

2020 trendsWith just a glimpse of how the telecommunications and in particular the networking market has developed over the last year, it can undoubtedly be seen that a snowball effect is occurring as the markets and the technology within these markets are rolling and becoming larger and larger. So, the predictions are that 2020 will be a year of yet more change.


The expansive reach of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligenceNow that we are close to celebrating its 70th anniversary, the growing scope of Artificial Intelligence and the direct and indirect role it plays in our daily lives and in future developments cannot be contested. A quick review of the most relevant breakthroughs in the field, from Turing’s test in the 1950s (the first designed to study a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior) to the most sophisticated deep learning techniques found today, is enough to demonstrate the progress made in the last few decades.