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European Utility Week 2018: Smart Grids and more

Nov 27, 2018

smart gridOn November 6th, the European Utility Week 2018 (EUW18) was held in Vienna (Austria). The event is attended by numerous companies and industry experts and provides an opportunity for them to showcase their developments and solutions. One of the main objectives of this annual event is to achieve a simple transition towards low carbon content energy supply. For three days, you can visit the fair, where leading players in the sector present their most innovative solutions. You can also attend conferences, workshops, technical presentations and educational sessions. In short, the EUW is widely regarded as Europe’s leading Smart Grid event. It serves as a meeting point for professionals from the world of utilities and a knowledge forum, so you don’t miss the latest news.

One thing the EUW is seeking to achieve is a fully integrated and interconnected electricity market, involving a diverse range of players from the sector:

• Companies linked to Smart Grid optimization. Smart grids integrate communications systems and traditional power system elements (electricity generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization) in order to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the systems and allow them to be managed from a central point. Companies related to energy storage, renewable energy, energy services and energy efficiency are also important.

• Among the most important elements of smart grids are Smart Metering and monitoring solutions, which include, among others, smart meters (of which there are now more than 85,000,000 installed throughout Europe), concentrators and new recharging solutions for electric vehicles. Also fundamental to these solutions are the communications gateways, which receive data from the various elements and transfer this data to central points for analyzing and monitoring.

Smart Gas and Smart Water solutions: Following the advances made in smart power grids, gas and water companies are also adapting to new technologies. The aim is to, on the one hand, obtain real-time data that provides more information on the installation to, among other things, increase security and improve distribution; and on the other, implement automatic meter reading, which facilitates billing and permits the implementation of smart billing systems.

• Solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart intelligent buildings and the IoT. In order to enhance energy efficiency, smart grids and systems that avoid unnecessary losses of light, water, energy, etc., and minimize resource use are increasingly needed. Consequently, developing and implementing sensors at strategic points helps our environment become a “smart” environment and also allows gathering more information on users and enhancing energy efficiency. The integration of Smart Grids with Smart Cities is, increasingly, a reality.

• To analyze all the data and the large amounts of information that these solutions produce, we cannot forget about the development of Big Data analysis tools, capable of monitoring, filtering and getting only that which is most important. And then there are also the cybersecurity tools capable of preventing unwanted attacks.

In addition to companies from these sectors, there were also a number of other companies present at the fair (such as consultancies, integrators and Utilities), showing off numerous technological novelties of interest for the efficient management of Smart Grids. Teldat, in addition to having devices like the Regesta router family in its portfolio, which provide innovative communication solutions in these environments, participated in the present edition and look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s EUW event in Paris.

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