Teldat launches In-Vehicle SaaS solution

Teldat expands its transport solution with a SaaS product suite for mobile environments
February 8, 2018

Teldat expands its transport solution with an in-vehicle SaaS product suite for its clients. This enables Teldat transport customers to have much more than just an onboard router or communications platform for LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, which is what the Teldat H2-Automotive+ device gives. It can now be a combination of both which offers clients a much higher added value.

Undoubtedly, the number of fleets using connectivity to both give its passengers Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and also other services that require online connectivity. Hence Teldat’s products help transport companies improve their services.

Teldat provides three SaaS solutions. Firstly, Teldat’s CNM Mobility software platform allows transport companies to track and monitor signal quality of all vehicles on route. Secondly, Teldat’s HotSpot by WiFiGo offers a captive portal allowing travelers Wi-Fi access to the Internet in a simple and safe format. Thirdly, Teldat Webfilter allows users to surf safely adapting Internet filtering policies and increasing network security.

In this article, only a few services offered by the three Teldat SaaS products are mentioned, but many more can be applied, such as reports, marketing campaigns, statistical analysis, etc. These are explained on the web and datasheets.

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