Teldat webcasts on SD-WAN

Teldat presents the webcast series related to SD-WAN and the implementation of this technology in enterprise networks

During the coming weeks of November and December 2020, we are offering our clients and other companies a series of online webcasts on SD-WAN, where we will analyze how this technology is key to the digital transformation of companies.

Taking into account the multiple opportunities offered by SD-WAN technology, we will analyze key issues for companies, such as network analysis and visibility, security to improve detection and protection against IT threats, policy management for teleworking applications and modularity.

As an essential part of the SD-WAN technology, we will delve into the Teldat beSDx Corp solution, as well as the advantages included in the remote Edge device products, which are a vital part of our SD-WAN solution, be.SDx Corp.

Ignacio Esnoz, SD-WAN Business Intelligence Manager at Teldat, explains the key issues. "There are certain essential points that an SD-WAN solution must offer: To be able to provide companies with a simple, flexible and scalable migration from their current traditional network to an SD-WAN solution. Simplicity and flexibility will always be required by a company, and scalability is essential because each company is different, with fluctuating internal timing and budgets,  allowing the client to migrate at its own pace.

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