Double-page feature on Teldat in Cinco Días

Teldat has been featured in a double-page spread in Cinco Días, which talks about, among other things, why leading Telecommunications Operators choose Teldat
July 23, 2018

Cinco Días newspaper has run a two-page spread featuring various articles on Teldat. The articles cover a number of themes from what sort of company Teldat is and how we have managed to bring in clients of the likes of major European and American telecommunications operators, to the kind of future we will have with our extensive SD-WAN investment and innovation.
The articles feature interviews with our executive staff who talk about what the company means. Teldat’s CEO, Ignacio Villaseca, says “being subjected to a very competitive dynamic and fighting with market leaders means that we have a high level of commitment to making cutting-edge technology products”.
The double-page feature explains how Teldat has evolved, since its inception in 1985 with Antonio García Marcos (current company president), Eduardo Robles and Antonio Moreno, into what it is today. A multinational company with a 66.7 million euro turnover that invests 20% of revenue in R&D. A department with 100 highly qualified engineers, which are part of the total 270 company employees.

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