Teldat launches SD-WAN Corporate Edge Router

The new Teldat M8Smart SD-WAN Edge router offers a top-class secure communications service with limitless user experience
July 8, 2020

M8SmartThe new Teldat M8Smart is an SD-WAN corporate Edge router that integrates perfectly with Teldat’s SD-WAN solution, enabling its users to benefit from our SD-WAN ecosystem, for the use of high-end corporate applications or Teldat Visualizer for SD-WAN management service and more. The M8Smart is a high-performance device, with the security and flexibility for data, voice and video communications that a modern office requires.
Francisco Navarro, Senior Business Line Manager for Routers and Media Gateways at Teldat, mentions that, “the Teldat M8Smart SD-WAN Edge router has been designed so that any modern office can get all their communications services from one device. Routing, switching and Wi-Fi, as well as LTE-A connectivity and of course the flexible licensed-based performance pay-as-you grow system.”
The use cases of the M8Smart SD-WAN Edge router are entirely infinite. Education value the high bandwidth for downloading from the cloud. Financial Services benefit from the security, access control and traffic analysis that M8Smart offer. Health admire its high-level LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity. Industry always demand QoS for stability that M8Smart provides. And there are many other use cases / sectors which the M8Smart SD-WAN Edge router cover.
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