Teldat launches be.Analyzer

Provides information on users’ network experience, optimizes performance and facilitates troubleshooting.
February 23, 2022

Madrid, February 23rd, 2022.The Spanish technology company Teldat, based in Spain and Germany, has developed be.Analyzer. It is a state-of-the-art network traffic analysis platform, which allows users to see the status of their network and manage it as needed. The information provided is detailed, unbiased and comprehensive, and is compatible with all major providers.
This solution provides information on user behavior, detects bottlenecks and facilitates troubleshooting. It enables forensic analysis, provides a single operational view, and optimizes infrastructure. Users can make decisions based on facts.
Aside from the user profile, the language used by be.Analyzer is easy to understand, scalable and suitable for companies of all sizes and complexity. The tool uses telemetry from all network equipment, troubleshoots performance issues and helps mitigate malware. Above all it monitors user behavior and controls unauthorized IT operations (shadow IT).
The world as we know it is changing. The cloud is our new DPC, the Internet our new WAN, and SaaS our new application stack. While these solutions provide the flexibility and agility that modern enterprises crave, the resulting ecosystem creates external dependencies and third-party services with a significant operational blind spot for IT,” points out Antonio Garcia Romero, Deputy CEO of Teldat. “be.Analyzer provides a 360-degree view of this new ecosystem, monitoring user experience in real time. It allows us to take back end-to-end control of all devices for the security and stability of the company.”
“be.Analyzer creates a common language for devices, providing advanced analysis to IT problems and aiding strategic decision making in a network architecture that is constantly changing“, continues Garcia Romero. “For these reasons, be.Analyzer represents the axis of change for network administrators, giving them the ability to exploit such data and develop artificial intelligence models. It is at the forefront when it comes to behavioral analytics and the parameterization of UEBA users in the face of potential cyber-attacks and anomalous behavior” concludes Antonio García Romero

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