Teldat participates in the International Defense and Security Exhibition

The 12th “Guadarrama” Brigade wins the prize for best R&D&I project with support from Teldat and led by our partner Eduardo Robles.
September 6, 2019

Teldat has participated in a collaborative project led by Eduardo Robles, a partner and board member of our company. The project in question is the 12th Guadarrama Brigade’s “Wireless Command Post” project, which was awarded best R&D&I project in the Defense and security Innovation Brokerage (DsIB) category at the International Defense and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF). The exhibition, held recently in Madrid, was attended by more than 40 international delegations from 34 countries.
The award reflects the sector’s recognition of the contribution to innovation and development in the “C4W: Command, Control, Communications and Computers for Wireless” field. It is the result of the “Armored Brigade’s” commitment to technological development, actively promoting and collaborating on projects such as developing C3 2035.
The winning project was the result of collaboration between the Madrid Polytechnic University – specifically the Electronic Engineering Department led by Professor Octavio Nieto-Taladriz – and staff from the Transmission Company at the 12th Brigade Headquarters Battalion and Teldat. Directed by Eduardo Robles, the collaboration involved a coordinated effort to define a product in the form of a functional C2 prototype (wireless PC), which offers highly flexible deployment, adapted to continually evolving systems, reducing response time and personnel requirements for assembly, and also very low cost.
The Wireless Command Post is a prototype promoted by the 12th Brigade that takes advantage of technological advancements to be deployed and up and running very quickly and make it more secure in initial entry operations and high-intensity scenarios, where position changes are more frequent. It has been developed to meet the requirements of our armies which are already looking ahead to newer generations of PCs.
Eduardo Robles states that the award “is a prime example of promoting R&D&I from the bottom up, which has enabled an optimization and streamlining of human resources and materials, guided by experts on the ground and applicable in Operation Zones. It will serve as a strong incentive and encouragement for the 12th Brigade in their determined push for a new innovation model in a large organizational setting such as the Army based on the synergy created between Tactical Units, Company and University, thus favoring a military-civilian combination and the dissemination of the Culture of Defense”.

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