Antonio García Marcos is invited to a business evening at Peralada Castle

Our president attended the traditional meeting, organized by the newspaper Expansión, with distinguished representatives of Catalan society
July 22, 2019

Antonio García Marcos was among the guests invited to a business meeting held in the gardens of Peralada Castle (Gerona, High Ampurdan) and organized by the financial newspaper EXPANSIÓN for the fourth year in a row. Held on July 12th, the event was attended by more than 120 businessmen, academics, professionals, politicians, media representatives and artists. Josep Borrel, future head of European diplomacy, was the main guest and attended the event accompanied by Cristina Narbona (Spanish Socialist party).
Another important guest at the meeting was the president of Sabadell Bank, Josep Oliu. The event concluded with the show hotel, one of the most groundbreaking proposals of the program prepared by the Peralada Castle Festival for this summer.  This is a work by a Canadian company called Cirque Eloize, and is a fusion of  circus, theatre, music, dance and technology.
Among those attending the event, in addition to Jaume Collboni and Laia Bonet, first and third deputy mayors of Barcelona City Council, respectively, were Núria Cabutí (Penguin Random House), Daniel Fernández (Edhasa), Sergio Mir (Pictet), Juan Verdaguer (Rothschild), the future president of the Circle Economy, Javier Faus, Alfonso Maristany (Equestrian Circle), Miguel Trias (Cuatrecasas), Helena Guardans (Webhelp), Antonio Herrera (Uría), Ignacio Marull (PwC), Raimon Ripoll (Deloitte), José Luis Prada (EY), Ernest Quingles (Epson), profesor Gregorio Luri, Carles Navarro (Basf), Joaquim Uriach (Uriach), and economists José García Montalvo, Teresa García Milà and Juan Tugores, among others.

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secIT 2023 – We are there!

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