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Manageable Switches for campus & SME applications

Manageable Switches for campus & SME applications

Product Highlights

  • Manageable L2+ Switch family
  • Scalable from 12 to 52 ports
  • Power budget up to 375 Watt
  • Layer 2 feature set
  • Many frequently used Layer 3 features
  • 5 years warranty


The ESW switch family offers a complete set of advanced software features that easily satisfy the demands of enterprises and SMBs everywhere. With cost effective, high-performance security switching, users are able to discover the benefits of a high-port density, reliable and superior performance enterprise network. The Switch family consists of 6 different models with and without PoE+ from 10 to 52 ports, addressing different demands and use cases. All switches provide an excellent L2+ feature set with additional and frequently used Layer 3 features and are manageable via the Web interface, CLI interface or SNMP.

Competitive Advantages

Advanced Layer 2 Switching

The bintec ESW4000 switches are powerful L2+ switches for multiple SME and enterprise applications.

PoE for easy LAN power supply

The switch models with PoE+ can directly power Wi-Fi 6 access points, IP phones and other equipment via the LAN connection.

Flexible WAN connection

The Gigabit SFP ports make the connection to the WAN easy in larger buildings.

Reliable and environment friendly

High reliable hardware design allows resilient network connectivity, 5 years warranty and saves investments as well as environment.


The bintec Switch family offers an excellent L2+ feature set with additional and frequently used Layer 3 features. The switches are manageable via the Web interface or via the CLI interface.


bintec offers six different models with and without PoE+. Models have 10 to 52 ports available, depending on the customer’s application.

Key Features

Versatile Layer 2 / 3 features set

L2 features for efficient management of functions like link aggregation, load balancing and fault tolerance; L3 features to manage performance for cost-effective implementation in business applications.

Power budget

Web management; CLI via console port or Telnet; SNMP v1,v2c, v3.

Additional layer 3 features

The integration of frequently required Layer 3 functions rounds off the performance spectrum of the switch and enables the cost-effective implementation of professional applications.


Some models include PoE+ ports with a total power budget of up to 375 watts for powering IP phones, Wi-Fi 5/Wi-Fi 6 access points, cameras and other equipment.

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

Enterprise Switches

High performance Switches for campus and SME applications.

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