Towards a Thin CPE

secure-edges-cloud-computing-and-sd-wan-technologyIt has been more than 10 years since desktop virtualization, generally found under the acronym of VDI technology, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, was proposed as one of the main technological drivers for providing greater flexibility, efficiency and control to the workstation (PC) – increasingly destined to become “hardwareless” and distributed between multiple devices (as pointed out by the “bring your own device” phenomenon).


DevOps and Cloud: A Perfect Symbiosis

DevOpsI’ve always been fascinated by the way in which different computing concepts get converted into common knowledge and how, depending on who’s speaking about a certain concept, that person will tend to assimilate it according to their own field of knowledge and action. This article is the result of a conversation I had with a colleague who interpreted DevOps as related to operational efficiency and facilitating business objectives – which is a perfectly accurate view when looked at from their perspective.


uptime is down. Long live the fleeting!

sdwanSince the early days of systems administration, a god has hovered over server rooms: uptime. uptime tells us how long a server has been on, which indirectly indicates how long it has been since it had a problem requiring a reboot. Operating systems have always had commands to display server uptime, figures that, indirectly, were also indicative of how good a job the administrators were doing. But the gods aren’t eternal; they are outdone, or simply replaced, by other gods. The time must come for even uptime to fall.