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Family of IP system phones for professional communication

Product Highlights

  • Family of phones with auto-provisioning
  • Versatile system telephony features
  • Configurable keys (multi colour) display
  • Excellent HD voice and sound quality
  • Graphic (colour) TFT display from 2.5” to 4.3”
  • Power supply via PoE or plug-in AC adapter
  • Made in Germany


elmeg IP6x0 phone family offers three models tailormade to meet different needs from entry-level to advanced business requirements. All phones are equipped with versatile features set, optimized to be combined and used with be.IP family and are perfectly suited for intuitive business communication thanks comfortable usability, easy handling with function keys in combination with TFT displays, high-quality and hardware-integrated audio features. IP620 is the entry-level focused on efficient call management, IP630 the allrounder for daily operation and IP640 combines high-end usability with latest design and touchscreen.

Competitive Advantages

Convenient system telephony

Perfect assistance for day-to-day business, from entry- to high-level business applications, from basic call to advanced system telephony.

Comfortable usability

Intuitive operation, BLF & function keys, and a display screen provide easy usage and flexibility needed and for small office or larger business environment.

Flexible connectivity

Either dual port switch for LAN devices, key extensions for BLF & functions key or corded and cordless (Bluetooth) headsets – flexible extensions for all day.

Easy to install and manage

Easy installation with power over ethernet (alternative external PSU) and convenient configuration thanks integrated provisioning through our PBX family.


The professional set of elmeg IP6x0 phones offers three models tailormade to meet different needs from entry-level to advanced business application requirements. All are equipped with versatile system telephony functions and a wide set of extra features, perfectly combined to be used with be.IP product family. An efficient usage and easy handling are enabled by 10 function keys in combination with the illuminated TFT (color) display, with the high-quality, hardware-integrated audio features the phones are perfectly suited for intuitive business communication.

The IP620 the entry-level focused on efficient call management. IP630 the allrounder for daily operation. IP640 combines high-end usability with latest design and touchscreen.


Key Features

Corded system telephones

Combining professional features and convenient telephony, supporting the user to manage communication, with high flexibility and usability. Adaptable to office environment with the use of adjustable foot or wall mount.

Great speech quality in HD-Audio

Excellent audio quality thanks to HD Audio. Integrated handsfree talking, loudspeaker audio in handsfree mode and handset, corded and Bluetooth headset support (IP630/IP640) are providing great flexibility.

Function keys

The phones have 10 function keys for quick, intuitive handling and status indication, plus 5-way navigation keys for easy operation. More free programmable function keys available depending on the model.

Family of three IP system phones

Perfectly suited for daily business communication with consistent usability. From the easy and efficient IP620 to the IP630 with advanced features for professional communication to the IP640 with touchscreen interface.

System telephony

Whether provisioned by the PBX system, access to central phonebook, comprehensive notification, easy call forwarding and multiple ringtones selectable per line, the phones are providing well-known comfort of telephony.

Illuminated (colour) display

All handsets are equipped with large, illuminated display from 2.4" TFT black/white to 4.3” coloured touch TFT combined with modern graphical user interface for great visualization and usability.

Central and local phone books

A central phonebook and the internal system phonebook of 100 up to 1.000 entries allow identification of incoming callers. Users receive notifications of new voice messages and can access the VMS pushing one button.

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

Teldat IP System Phones, DECT Systems & DECT Handsets

Professional Enterprise phones with advanced features for business applications, including DECT Systems and Handsets. All with scalable mobile and cordless telephony systems.

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