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Teldat-M1 corporate router

Compact modular router for up to 600Mbps services, with switch, 3G/4G and a slot

Product Highlights

  • Up to 600 Mbps symmetrical services
  • One cards slot(SFP, VDSL, Switch, E1,Serial,etc.)
  • Optional LTE integration + USB port
  • Licensable, built-in Wi-Fi access point
  • Advanced software, IPSec, ToIP, CLI
  • No fan, silent
  • Traditional or SDWAN integrated router


Just as compact as it is powerful and scalable, the Teldat-M1 router provides small and medium offices with the level of connectivity previously reserved for large offices. Though small, the devide is capable of delivering up to 600 Mbps services. No fan is required so you can install it in work areas because it does not produce any noise. 

Scalable thanks to a slot with a variety of cards, the devide combines a built-in public Ethernet connection, a LAN Ethernet switch, a WI-Fi access point and a 3G/4G/4G+ connection. The software includes a wide range of functions tailored to professional enviroments. 

Competitive Advantages

Powerful and scalable platform

Up to 600Mbps services and a slot to adapt to different enviroments (Fiber, ADSL/VDSL, E1/T1, Serial, Ethernet PoE switch).

Extensive connectivity

Up to 12x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with advanced VLAN functions, 802.1p/q/x and 802.11n Wi-Fi access points. PoE 802.3af is available as an option.

Professional software

Teldat´s command-line configurable operating system, backed by hundreds of thousands of units in the most demanding enviroments, and operator services. 

Designed for work areas

Suitable for office installation: no fans means no noise. In-depth status information provided by an 11 LED panel. 


The Teldat-M1 has a powerful hardware architecture that enables speeds of up to 600 Mbps symmetrical services.

Highly versatile and scalable. In addition to the Ethernet connection, it has a slot that allows you to adapt to a wide range of scenarios (fiber + Ethernet, fiber + Ethernet + VDSL, Ethernet + serial), up to 12-ports LAN switch, and an optional 3G/4G connection.

It connects to the private network via a 4-port Gigabit switch and Wi-Fi access point.

Cost-optimized and scalable: the WAN-Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi access point feature are optional and enabled remotely.

It provides all the functions required of a professional router, including routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, VRF, Policy Routing, etc.), security (ACLs, Firewall, IPSec, 802.1x, etc.), quality of service (CBWFQ, PQ, etc.), and management (CLI, SNMPv3, RADIUS, TACACS+, Syslog, Netflow, Mirroring, etc.).


The Teldat-M1 is a compact router for small and medium offices that require high-speed connections. Its compact design without fans, to avoid generating noise, means you can install it in work areas, making it perfect for use in small/professional offices and shops. Furthermore, in these settings, the Teldat-M1 favors the use of 3G/4G/4G+ connections, thus providing better coverage than when you install the router in technical rooms or cabinets.

Although it is a compact router, the Teldat-M1 is capable of speeds of up to 600 Mbps symmetrical and is very scalable thanks to a slot and a variety of cards. It also has a built-in Ethernet WAN connection, a 4-port Ethernet LAN switch and a Wi-Fi access point or 3G/4G/4G+ connection as options. In addition to a sophisticated hardware, it includes advanced software tailored to professional networks.

Key Features

Up to 1200 Mbps aggregated

Reliable in scenarios of up to 600 Mbps symmetrical IMIX services(1200Mbps aggregated bw) thanks to its powerful hardware architecture and performance license. 

3G/4G/4G+ connectivity

4G-LTE, cat.4 or 6, wireless access is the perfect backup medium as it uses different infrastructure to fixed connections. You can utilize 4G-LTE and fixed connections simultaneously for load-balancing purposes. 

Wi-Fi access point

With the Teldat-M1, you also have the option of an 802.11n Wi-Fi access point (2.4/5 GHz) with 2x2 MIMO antenna technology and external access point controller. Inlcudes multi-SSID support. 

VoIP server

Complete SIP server with basic SBC (session border controller) included by default. It can be used to isolate/conceal the internal voice network, to improve voice security, and for survival purposes.

No fan. Silent

Lack of space in small offices often means that routers have to be placed in the work area. The Teldat-M1 is specially designed for such enviroments. Since the router does not need a fan, it does not produce any noise. 

Ethernet access plus 1 slot with a variety of cards

The built-in card slot means it can adapat to any connectivity scenario while the built-in Gigabit Ethernet interface provides an alternative (redundant) fixed access solution(CFM support)

4xGE switch

The built-in switch is ideal for small offices because it eliminates the need for an external switch, thus reducing costs and points of failure. GE, duplex and self-negotiable ports. 

Security: Firewall, IPSec, etc.

Corporate communications require dedicated HW encryption* and high security. The Teldat-M1 provides free of charge state-of-the-art security: ACLs, Firewall, 802.1x, IPSec, etc. (*Optional license)

Advanced services

The Teldat M-1 software includes all the advanced functions needed in corporate networks and operator services, ready for the most demanding scenarios like MPLS and managed services.

Console port

Operator/integrator managed services require out-of-band management to prevent them from interfering with customers networks. The console port is the most common method. 

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

A full range of comunications

With only one Teldat compact device, branches or mid-sized companies will have connectivity to a wide range of communication networks, as well as having a managed access point.

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