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Atlas-60/i60 corporate router(EOS in October 2018)

Modular router with cloud application support

Product Highlights

  • Symmetrical services 100 Mbps with services
  • Support for Linux and Hard Drive applications
  • Three slots (SFP, VDSL, G.SHDSL, E1, Serial, etc.)
  • Integrated expandable 8-port switch. PoE optional
  • Advanced software, IPSec, ToIP, CLI
  • Communications/applications cloud management
  • Optional Wi-Fi access point


The Atlas-60/i60 has evolved the concept of the router. Featuring high modularity and power, making it suitable for use in almost any office connectivity scenario (large or small), the device also integrates traditional elements like switch, telephony, Wi-Fi and security. The device includes a secure, standards-based application server, on which you can safely run easily-managed native Linux applications without affecting router processing or performance. 

Competitive Advantages

Powerful and scalable platform

For medium-sized offices, capacity of over 100 Mbps with active services

Support for applications

Router + Server in one device. Independent CPU cores house a proprietary real time O.S. for routing and an O.S. Linux Debian for applications.

Three expansion slots

Adjustable to multiple connection scenarios thanks to a wide range of cards available (ADSL/VDSL, G.SHDSL, E1/T1, Serial, PoE Ethernet switch)

Extended local connection

8/16 Ethernet ports 10/100 with advanced functions VLAN, 802.1P/Q/X and Wi-Fi 802.11n Access Point. Optional PoE.


Atlas-60/i60 is comprised of two devices in one. It is both a powerful and scalable communications platform for external and fixed local wireless network connection and a flexible and manageable application server that enables remote office communications and IT infrastructures to be reduced and rationalised.

As a communications platform, it contains 8 or 16 Fast Ethernet ports with PoE capacity and an eventual Wi-Fi Access Point, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 3 expansion slots.

As a server, it supports Linux applications in a CPU core and independent O.S. to prevent communications from being interrupted.

Logically, it includes all functions required of a professional router, like routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP, VRF, Policy Routing, etc.), security (ACLs, Firewall, IPSec, 802.1X, etc.), Service Quality (CBWFQ, LLQ, PQ, etc.), or management (CLI, SNMPv3, AAA, etc.)


The Atlas-60/i60 is a communications platform for medium-sized offices. The big advantages to using the device are twofold. First, it solves the external and internal connectivity requirements for offices. Second, it allows for the creation of an internal virtual server for running applications that would normally be run on a separate machine (acceleration, security, inventory, storage, etc.). In this way, less infrastructure is needed and system management becomes easier thanks to a sophisticated communications administration platform and cloud-based applications. 

Based on a hardware platform which is as powerful as it is scalable, it offers over 100 Mbps performance and integrates up to 16 Ethernet ports for the local network, 3 slots to cover every connectivity scenario, and highly reputable communications software. 

Key Features

Suitable for use in corporate scenarios up to 100 Mbps

Suitable for use in scenarios of up to 100 Mbps IMIX with symmetrical services through its powerful hardware architecture that includes hardware encryption.

Double GE network connection without occupying a slot

Double Gigabit Ethernet electrical interface that does not occupy a slot. This prevents scalability and use of other access technologies like G.SHDSL, E1 or ADSL/VDSL as a redundant access from being compromised.

Triple slot and wide range of cards

In addition to WAN and LAN access, it is also equipped with three adjustable slots for complex double or triple external network connections. Cards FO, VDSL, Serial, E1/T1, G.SDHSL, etc. available

Security: Firewall, IPSec, …

Corporate communications require corporate security. Atlas-60/i60 includes state-of-the-art security free of charge: ACLs, Firewall, 802.1X, IPSec (optional hardware encryption), etc.

Especially designed for installation on racks

Medium-sized and large offices require equipment that can be installed in standard communications cabinets with adequate forced ventilation. Atlas-60/i60 is especially designed for such installations.

Router and server in a single device.

Dual core CPU, where one core is dedicated to routing and Linux Debian available for applications uses the other No processing elements need to be added

8xFE switch on a baseplate expandable to 16

The integrated switch is ideal for small offices as it avoids the use of an external switch and therefore reduces costs and failure points. Duplex, self-negotiable ports with a PoE option.

Application storage

A smaller or larger storage system is required according to the size of the applications running on the device, for which it is equipped with an internal hard drive or USB Flash memory card.

Advanced services

Atlas-60/i60 includes software with advanced functions required in corporate networks and operator services, prepared for highly demanding scenarios like MPLS and managed services.

Console port

Managed Operator and Integrator services require out of band management to prevent interference with the client´s network and the console port is the most common method used.

Do you want to know more?

Download the product datasheet in PDF format. Always have access to the product characteristics, whether you are online or not. All the information stored in an easy to read 4-page format.

A full range of comunications

With only one Teldat compact device, branches or mid-sized companies will have connectivity to a wide range of communication networks, as well as having a managed access point.

Atlas-60/i60 in real life

Teldat Atlas i60, as an advanced technological branch router with an embedded server that manages applications, such as web cache and video proxy, whilst enabling the Bank to maintain their legacy protocol cash point machines.

Teldat Atlas i60 as bank branch router with embedded server

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