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Teldat SD-WAN Solution

Teldat SD-WAN Solution

A unique approach to SD-WAN that allows you to grow in features and services at your pace of choice

Our Solution

For many years now, Teldat has been building on the predecessors of SD-WAN. Hence, Teldat has focused on building a solid communications software technology and supported it by the production of our hardware platforms. Moreover, Teldat has worked on overlay projects, which have enabled Teldat customers to set up hybrid Internet/MPLS networks. Zero Touch Provisioning techniques have also been developed by Teldat and used by our clients. It is clear that the SD-WAN concepts, are not new whatsoever to Teldat

Teldat has brought together its experience in these concepts to build its complete and unique SD-WAN solution. Teldat's SD-WAN solution is unique in that in allows clients to commence at a basic level and gradually grow in features and services in a tailor-made format, as each organization has different requirements. Hence initial investment is considerably lower with Teldat, than with competing solutions, making and SD-WAN project affordable to all. 

The Teldat SD-WAN solution is based on a high level user interface software called the Teldat Cloud Net Manager (CNM). However, this is split into five products (see the Teldat SD-WAN product page) controlled by our mentioned CNM interface. These products are: 

  • CNM Base: initial software platform that manages the distributed intelligence of the WAN and integrates the different networks into a single platform. 
  • CNM Provisioner: enables edge devices to be installed at branch level using ZTP. Makes deployment immensely simple and reduces related costs. 
  • CNM Visualizer: entire network visibility of services and applications for monitoring and analysis at different levels. From a whole network level to branch level. 
  • CNM Controller: defines and configures the network in a simple, intuitive and automated format, considerably reducing dedicated network management. 
  • CNM Servicer: offer additional services to a standard SD-WAN solution such as enhanced security, WAN optimization, NAS and more. It also offers an advanced management application system. 

Below, are more detailed explanations of the features that makes up the Teldat SD-WAN solution. 


Market Overview

The IT and telecommunications market has reached a point in time in which companies and institutions are asking for a digital transformation of their work scenarios. This implies, among other things a totally new concept in their distributed wide area networks for connectivity from branches to a private and public data centers. Organizations require this for various, but primarily because of two. Firstly, companies and institutions are becoming more geographically distributed and more remote users are being installed. Secondly, WAN bandwidth requirements are changing considerably, due to the use of the Apps installed on the cloud, as well as other issues such as using video as a much more frequent communication resource. A consequence of these two factors is that the traditional WAN architecture is no longer the optimal for many scenarios, and a more agile and cost efficient model is needed

This is precisely where SD-WAN comes into action. Especially bearing in mind that it will give IT managers lower operational costs and a more flexible, simple and visible network management. Indeed, important market researchers believe that SD-WAN deployment within organizations which have a branch structure is going to be fast growing in the following years. 


    Network Integration

  • For multinational companies, with complex networks that communicate thousands of remote sites, SD-WAN can be an optimal solution for the need of lowering the cost and simplifying the management. On one side the high quality and lower cost of residential lines make them an ideal substitute for MPLS access lines, much more expensive and complex to deploy. On the other side, the complexity of integrating different services providers networks can be easily managed with a powerful overlay that gives the user a single network view. The additional fact that Teldat´s Edges support all kind of underlay interfaces is another key value issue regarding traditional networks integration.
  • Automatic Provisioning

  • Automatic Provisioning simplify network staging and deployment. Edge devices can be installed at branch level using zero touch provisioning. This eliminates consuming corporate network deployment tasks, which in turn eliminates important budgets related to highly qualified technicians, who are no longer required for these task. Now site devices can be sent by logistical transportation and simply connected to the LAN or other network by non-technical staff. Once an edge device is connected, it is automatically configured in a matter of few seconds via the CNM Provisioner and the corresponding SD-WAN. It is a simple plug and play task.
  • Application Visibility

  • Provides global and detailed visibility of the whole network. Allows the identification and tracking of services and applications at layer seven of the OSI model, for usage monitoring tasks and incident trouble shooting services. This can be applied to the whole network, part of the network or at branch level. At each network level, the volume of data to and from each application can be calculated and analyzed. This is done using a powerful Big Data engine architecture. Apart from obtaining statistical information on the network, problems on the network can be identified and contingency measures can be implemented.
  • Application Control

  • The Controller simplifies and guarantees network definition and configuration. It provides a simple and intuitive graphic user interface to facilitate high level network shaping with particular emphasis on main network parameters. Simultaneously it abstracts and manages (automatically and unobtrusively) the minor but essential aspects to produce the full configuration needed for devices that intervene in the communications. This reduces and simplifies management tasks for network startup and subsequent operating maintenance by guaranteeing coherent, error free configurations.
  • Network Services

  • Additional services to a standard SD-WAN solution. These solutions are many, varied and provide additional edge computing capabilities to the network. Some examples are enhanced security at branch level, WAN optimization or NAS file storage. By having these services within the Teldat SD-WAN solution, they can be managed and monitored centrally, avoiding branches setting them up independently, which would imply many additional costs and problems.

Teldat Architecture

This infographic design summarizes how unique the Teldat SD-WAN solution is. 

Access Methods: Selecting underlay networks is open to the customer.

Edge devices: Edge devices can be deployed as advanced IP routers if the customer wishes to migrate slowly and securely without risks, being able to return to a standard IP/MPLS network or use hybrid system SD-WAN/MPLS. 

Core/Control: The Cloud Net Manager (CNM) offers an SD-WAN software interface on which the independent solution features are built on, allowing Network Integration Porvisioning, Visibility, Control and Servicing. 

Key Product Features

  • One Platform For All: Shares database, monitoring, alarms, etc.
  • “Plug & Play”: Teldat devices registered & configured automatically.
  • Secure device authentication: HTTPS protocol with mutual authentication.
  • Full integration: Network characteristics translated into devices.
  • Tools for replicating configurations into 1000’s of sites.
  • Customizable user Profiles & Operations Log
  • Reliable & Secure Management
  • Software architecture based on microservices.
  • Outstanding dashboards built in seconds.
  • Http/Https sessions analyzed and monitored at level 7 data.
  • Programable alerts to detect and solve issue before any user impact.
  • Network analytic information via Netflow protocol v9 and IPFIX.
  • Graphic / Intuitive User Interface application.
  • Multitenant.
  • Public Cloud or Specific Data Center.

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